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Monday, November 12, 2018

Kawah Ijen - The Most Acid Crater Lake

KAWAH IJEN - has become one of the main attractions in the area, other popular destinations are Sukamade Turtle Beach and G-Land Surfer's Paradise. They are all together mostly named by The Triangle Diamond of Tourism In Banyuwangi. But still, Kawah Ijen is on the top of them.

A massive advertisement by government recently made a big impact of its popularity, more and more tourists go to this place. Annual bicycle race " Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen", made a good improvement on the road to Kawah Ijen which was well pavement.


Kawah Ijen is one of the most acid and toxic volcano in Indonesia, it has a very big amount of natural sulfur source which come out everyday. This sulfur goes to mix with the water lake and made the water there very acid and corrosive. The lake itself was stunning, a large green color is really beautiful.

Natural  Blue Flame

The best time to go to Kawah Ijen is midnight to see the magnificent blue flame, yes it will be hard to hike 3 Km up to the mountain at night. The best reward of all your hard work will be totally paid off when you see this blue flame.

Kawah Ijen Blue Flame (Photo by : @thepoortraveller)
This blue flame is the main source to produce sulfur, the workers there installed very long pipes from the source to extract sulfur steam into molding sulfur and cooled it down to make it harder. Hard sulfur stones are ready to load by basket up to the crater top.

Traditional Sulfur Carrier

Other phenomena that tourists will surprised at Kawah Ijen is traditional sulfur carrier, these men are incredibly strong. They could carry 60 - 100 Kg of sulfur on the bamboo basket up to the mountain to put them at the weighing point at the parking base. They could carry a basket of sulfur twice a day, what a very scary job.

Kawah Ijen Traditional Sulfur Carrier

Sunrise Sightseeing

Do not take a long time to see the blue flame, hike up the crater rim before the sunrise when you had already enough time to enjoy those flames. Walk around the crater rim about 20 minutes, there is an end point to see the sunrise. Most of tourists could not catch up to get to the sunrise view point, they even had no idea about it. If you are going with a tour guide just make sure you ask him to take you to sunrise view point.

Image result for kawah ijen sunrise png
Stunning Sunrise Kawah Ijen
There were also some hidden spots to be visited around Kawah Ijen, read 5 Hidden Places To Be Visited Around Kawah Ijen. For more information about how to do Kawah Ijen, do not hesitate to drop us a message on the contact for below. We could organize either sharing or private tour package, Get a special discount by staying in our place.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Teluk Hijau

Teluk Hijau Green Bay Banyuwangi

TELUK HIJAU - or better known as Green Bay is located between the Rajegwesi - Sukamade lane which is included in the Meru Betiri National Park area. Usually a visit to Green Bay was the initial destination before enjoying the sunset on the Red Island. Apart from being combined with Pulau Merah, Teluk Hijau can also be combined with a visit to the Sukamade Turtle Conservation Center.

Its location is quite far, about 80 km from the center of Banyuwangi (3 hours drive) makes travelers think twice about going. Believe fatigue and fatigue that you take for 3 hours will pay off and disappear immediately after enjoying the beauty of Green Bay.

Green Bay is Banyuwangi Hidden Paradise or paradise that is lost because of the smooth stretch of sand and the color of the bluish green sea that makes every heart and mind of the person who sees it immediately calms down.

How To Get There

Green bay beach is located as a part as Taman Nasional Meru Betiri, right before we go to Sukamade beach. The easiest way to get there is by 4WD jeep or rent a car with a driver, if you are solo traveler you could also rent a motorbike and get there independently. The other option is going by taking a tour, Kampung Osing Inn organize tour to Sukamade Beach included visit to Green Bay. Want to know more about the package ? Feel Free To Contact Us !


Sukamade Turtle Reserve

Sukamade Turtle Beach Banyuwangi
SUKAMADE - is located in the area of Taman Nasional Meru Betiri, it is a place where turtles conservation program took place. Witnessing laying egg turtles is the main attraction when you visited Sukamade. The road to Sukamade is still dirt road cross a big easily flooded river, it will be very challenging and adventurous to get there.

Turtle Hatching

Turtles are in extinction nowadays, witnessing live laying egg turtle is becoming a special rare moment and Sukamade is the best place for it. Its existence is becoming increasingly rare. The causes are illegal hunting, lost of natural habitat where turtles lay eggs, and damage to coastal and marine ecosystems.

Turtle Laying Egg Sukamade Banyuwangi
Turtle Laying Egg In Sukamade

These ancient animals were only on land when they were eggs. As soon as the eggs hatch, the turtle goes straight to the sea, then swims across the free sea. Only female turtles occasionally rise to land to lay eggs, male turtles throughout their lives are spent in the ocean.

Turtles have geomagnetic imprinting, which is a natural navigation tool. Although turtles always roam the ocean for thousands of kilometers, he will still return to the beach where he was born, to lay eggs.

Releasing Baby Turtles

Tourists could also join on baby turtle releasing activity in the morning before breakfast.Turtle's eggs would be collected by the park ranger and moved to the conservation area to be hatched. It was good for the eggs in order not to be stolen or hunted by predators. 

Right after the eggs were hatched, little bay turtles would be release to the sea to get their free natural life.Sukamade Banyuwangi tourism will usually leave memories and contemplation for tourists. We will learn to appreciate the environment more through this Sukamade Banyuwangi tourism activity.

How To Get To Sukamade

Located almost 90 Km away from Banyuwangi city center or would take around 5 - 6 hours driving. The only to get there is by hire 4WD Jeep from Banyuwangi as the road there was really terrible. Very tough road and big river which easily get flood. On the way to Sukamade, we will pass trough beautiful beaches of Teluk Hijau and Rajegwesi.

Kampung Osing Inn - could organize a package tour to get to Sukamade, it is included the transport using 4WD Jeep, English Speaking Tour Guide, Entrance Fee, and Accommodation. Want to have more information about our Sukamade Tour Package ? Don't be hesitate to contact us.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Where To Stay In Banyuwangi, Homestay or Hotel ?

BANYUWANGI - A massive tourism advertisement done by government made a great significant impact, " increasing almost 10% in 2018 and it would be consistently increasing every year " (Data resources by : Indonesian Statistic Center). More tourists came to Banyuwangi also made a great impact in tourism businesses, mainly accommodation providers. There were many new hotels and homestays in the area, and we were as tourists would have more options to stay.

Today's blog about, " Where To Stay In Banyuwangi, Homestay or Hotel ? ". We would try to compare between Homestay and Hotel. Finally we found 5 important facts that become reasons to consider to choose the best accommodation for your visit in Banyuwangi.

1. Pricing And Facilities

Price is matter, it could be the first matter whether to stay at homestay or hotel in Banyuwangi. We have searched on, found that basic homestay cost from IDR 100.000/Night and hotel price started from IDR 450.000/Night with better facilities.
Place To Stay In Banyuwangi, Comparison Homestay and Hotel

Hotels are managed by big hotel chain with lots of money for investment so that they could offer guest luxurious facilities such swimming pool or western style restaurant even spacious ballroom. Hotels also have more room types with private bathroom, meanwhile most of homestays has basic room with shared bathroom.

2. Guest's Experiences

Homestay mostly owned and managed by a family, that family would be also host and welcome guests. Staying at the homestay will give guests authentic experience by talking with locals, their habit, culture, and knowledge about the area.

Hotel offer a professional service experience provided by well trained staffs, do not expect too much to have some personal talks with them as they have many things to do list. They will not really get in touch personally to the guests who stay in a hotel, even they will not remember your name.

3. Length Of Stay

Kampung Osing Inn established on 2013, we were the pioneer and the first homestay type accommodation in Banyuwangi. We have hosted many travellers came from many countries, we found out that 95% of our guests only stay 1 night only to visit Kawah Ijen. Short sleep before hiking to  Kawah Ijen at midnight. It was kind of waste money to pay for 4 stars hotel or luxurious resort to sleep only 2-4 hours. For us personally, it would be wise that we stay in homestay and save more money. 

4. Complimentary Services and Communication

Other things that need also be considered before choosing a place to stay in Banyuwangi, Does The Accommodation have Other Complimentary Services ?
These are important as guests also need easy way to organize their visit in Banyuwangi, like rent a car or driver, tour arrangement, ticket service , and some advise about the area.

Most of those services are well provided in a hotel, some homestay could help guest to arrange tours but not all of them. Sometimes it was a problem to communicate with a local family who runs the homestay.

5. Booking Method

Guests need instant confirmation when booking a room, no need to  make a phone call or send a personal whatsapp to ask about the availability. Hotel has all the technology to do that, just few clicks to book a room online on their website. 

Book a homestay need more effort to call the owner, there is no way to book the room online as most of them have no website.

Conclusion and advise

For guests who make visit to Kawah Ijen as a main goal, stay at the homestay could be a good option to save money. Moreover you will arrive quite late evening so that you do not use the room so much because Kawah Ijen hike started midnight. Just make sure you made a reservation or call the owner in advance and inform them about your arrival time to make sure no hassle for checking in late.

Kampung Osing Inn - A family homestay and budget friendly accommodation in town,  do not waste your time by making phone call to ask availability. Book Online now on our official website ( and get 20% Off and more benefits.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Banyuwangi City Tour Package

Friday, November 2, 2018

Sukamade Tour Package


Located at southward of Banyuwangi, Sukamade became favourite place for turtles laying their eggs. Green turtle was the main preserved animal beside any other turtle kinds.Sukamade was laying under "Meru Betiri National Park", makes all the attraction here will be amazing journey.Cross along 18 km rocky path of Rajegwesi, make this trip adventurous.


Day 1 
09.00 am : Leaving Kampung Osing 
03.00 pm : Arrive at Rajegwesi beach 
05.00 pm : Arrive at Sukamade and Checking in to the PHKA guest house 
07.30 pm : Discovering turtle laying egg at the beach rim 

Day 2 
09.00 am : Turtle release and visit turtle reserve centre 
10.00 am : Explore Green Bay area 
05.30 pm : Arriving back to Kampung Osing Inn / Drop off Banyuwangi


Free pick up and drop off Banyuwangi area 
Transfer to Sukamade By 4WD Jeep (Driver, Fuel, and Parking) 
One Night Accommodation in Sukamade 
Entrance Fee 
Ranger Fee 
Turtle Release Fee 
Tour Guide (English Speaking) 

Interested in booking our Sukamade Tour Package ? Just simply click the button below to check price and availability? For more questions, Don't be hesitate to talk with us.

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