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Sunday, December 6, 2015
Located at the border between Banyuwangi and Situbondo region, Baluran National Park is well known as African Van Java. Amazingly grass lands covered all the 250-sq-km of the park providing rich grazing for deers, buffalos, and Javanese oxen. All kind of tours could be set up with Kampung Osing such snorkeling on offshore coral reefs, bird watching, safari trip, Mt. Baluran hike.

Sights and Activities
Pantai Merak Baluran National Park in Banyuwangi
Pantai Merak
Baluran with it's Pantai Merak is a good spot for snorkelling, quiet and clean sea water seems like you are getting lost on the remote island by yourself. Traditional fisherman's boat could be hired to explore the whole area. Mangrove rain forest could be the best place for birds watching activities. Sunrise in Bama beach also rewarded to be seen in the morning.

Wildlife Safari
Green savanna become source of life for Baluran inhabitant, some of animals gather in group close to water retains that will be good spots for animal photo hunting. Peafowl, red and green jungle fowl, hornbills,  white-bellied woodpeckers are easy to see or observing all area of Baluran with it's animal activities from observing tower in Bekol also worth enoughto do.

Tour Package
Baluran Short Safari | 
08.00 am : - leaving Kampung Osing
12.00 am : - arrived at Bama beach baluran
03.00 pm : - head to Bekol observation tower
              : - sunset viewing
05.00 pm : - arrive back to Kampung Osing Inn

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