Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Kawah Ijen By Night Tour - Standalone Package

A vast volcanic area dominated with three cones of Mt. Raung, Merapi, and Ijen itself (2368m). Reached Kawah Ijen from Banyuwangi region give you extra bonus landscape of beautiful rain forest area surrounded by Robusta coffee plantation, rubber, cloves, and green rice field terrace along the way go.

Sights and Activities
Kawah Ijen Hike
The magnificient turquoise sulphur lake lies at 2148 m above sea level with last eruption in 2012 where sulphuric smoke spread over the area, increasing lake water temperature and buble on its surface. One hour trek trough 3 km steep trail under temperate climate will be very challenging trek to get to the top of the volcano. 

Kawah Ijen Blue Flame BanyuwangiBlue Flame Phenomenon

The flame as a result of sulphur combustion that happened naturally, this amazing mystical flame only could be seen during the midnight. It will be gone when the sunrise coming up the horizon then the view will be replaced with stunning thickly cloud under the sun light.

Kawah Ijen Sulfur porter

A Heavy Load

Around 300 collectors works here extracting sulphur that produced by Kawah Ijen, they load the sulphur traditionally with bamboo basket weigh around 80 kg on their backs. It is incredibly tough work for low daily reward (600 IDR/kg), work under not proper safety equipment, no accident assurance, make work here like in a hell. We all are ready to die, but scared from hunger, a motto that keep them on fire to work.

Kawah Ijen Night Trek

12.15 am : heading to kawah ijen area
01.30 am : arrive at paltuding and start hike the crater for 3 km
03.00 am : star trek viewing on the crater top,arrive  blue flame spot at the crater bottom
08.00 am : get back to Kamppung Osing Inn to have a breakfast 

Kawah Ijen Tour Pricing List (Without A Room)

:: IDR 600.000/Person  ( 2 Persons )
:: IDR 400.000/Person  ( 3 - 4 Persons )
:: IDR 350.000/Person  ( Over 4 Persons )


- Jeep transfer to Kawah Ijen (go and back)
- Tour Guide
- Entrance fee
- Proper Gas Mask provided
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