Friday, December 4, 2015

Banyuwangi City Tour

Banyuwangi be the end of the line of Java, a pleasant enough small town. Most travellers only pass Banyuwangi toward Bali, so there is no reason to stay here for longer time. The city do not have many attractions, but visiting some city landmark could be a good way to spend time.

Sights and Activities

Kongco Ho Tong Bio in Banyuwangi
Kongco Ho Tong Bio
Visit several city landmarks could be doable for killing time, such traditional harbour of boom beach, the iconic mosque of Banyuwangi, and traditional market for shopaholic. Small museum with it's local collections will give an idea how Banyuwangi was at the past.

Tour Packages
Banyuwangi city tour 
09.00 am : - leave Kampung Osing Inn
                - interesting places to be visited :
                  . production of traditional clothes of Batik Gajah Oling
                  . local museum of Banyuwangi
                  . traditional market and harbour
                  . city hall of Banyuwangi
                  . the largest mosque of Banyuwangi " Masjid Agung Baiturrahman"
                  . chinese temple of Kongco Ho Tong Bio
01.00 pm : - arriving back to Kampung Osing Inn

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