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How to get to Surabaya City from Banyuwangi by Train

Heroes Monument in Surabaya
Heroes Monument in Surabaya
The easiest way to reach Surabaya from Banyuwangi is by train rather than bus travel, bus travel too long, confusing, and so much hassle on the street. Scams are easy to find along the way go even could be occured inside the bus.Total cost IDR 80.000/person by changing buses twice when you are in Jember and Probolinggo, and the route was terrific accident are easy to happen due to the narrow steep road. Here are trains to Surabaya that you could get from Banyuwangi.

Banyuwangi - Surabaya by Train
Mutiara Timur Siang
Leave Banyuwangi at 8.30 am and approximately depart Surabaya at 4.30 pm, a business class train and executive for first class facilities such air plane style sit, air conditioner, and food car.
Attention : Business class started from IDR 120.000/person ; Executive class started from IDR 165.000/person

Mutiara Timur Malam
Similar train as Mutiara Timur Siang, but it will arrive at night around 10.00 pm then depart in Surabaya Gubeng Station at 4.30 am. It is the best time to go because you will not lost your day time for travel but it depend on your travel plan anyway and price nearly the same.

How to get to Juanda International Airport
The closest station in Surabaya is Wonokromo Train Station, you could take a bemo by paying IDR 3000/person to take you to Bungurasih Bus Terminal. DAMRI buses are available to take you to the airport with cost IDR 35.000/person. If you are in hurry to catch the flight, simply go by taxi to the airport, make sure the argometre is running well. Some drivers do not use the metres, so it will charge you more money.

Where to stay in Surabaya
Hotel Sahid  | up to IDR 400.000 per-night
A modern 5 stars hotel only about 5 minutes walk from Gubeng Train Station, a hassle probably will irritating due to receptionist ask guest for deposit some money for another services that probably requested by guest during their stay. Rooms are good and comfortable enough, located not far from public attraction of the city. Submarine museum only 5 minutes walk head from the hotel, eating house, and modern shopping centre are doable by walk.
Location :  Jl. Sumatra 1 - 5 Java (East), Surabaya Center, Surabaya, Indonesia 60281
Penginapan Dharma |start from IDR 90.000 per-night
A budget homestay close to Gubeng Train Station that could be reach for about 20 minutes by walk, better hire taxi for about IDR 20.000 due to confusing traffic head to this place. Eating place could be found easily just accross the street of the homestay, local Surabaya specialty of Frying Duck could you find here by cheap. The homestay itself equipped with basic facilities room, boutique and beauty salon. The staff not really good in speaking english and organize private transport but with high rate i tought.
Location : Jl. Dharmahusada I No. 25 B,Surabaya, Indonesia 60132. Telp. (031) 5930713 or (031) 5939028
Hotel Majapahit | start from US$ 110 per-night
An old fashionate hotel laid on the old city area of Surabaya, the hotel itself as a city landmark where the great war against Dutch on Novembre 10th 1945 was occured. A perfect location to start exploring the old city area, red bridge, arabic quarter, china town and house of sampoerna are easy to reach.
Location :  Jl. Tunjungan 65, Surabaya. Telp. (031) 545 4333 or


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