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Kampung Anyar Waterfall

Sights and Activities
Kalibendo Coffee Plantation in Banyuwangi
Jungle Trekk at Kalibendo
Kalibendo located at west of the city centre, it quite remote from touristique activities. You will not meet foreingners walking around here, the place has rubber latex plantation on top. Some of workers traditionally load the latex with average weight for about 70 litres by bamboo. You could find other plants like cloves and coffee, it has coffee processing factory close to the area.

The area still green rain forest, suit for someone who loves nature and peace. Around 2 km walk trough the river it will end by waterfall, it is small waterfall but the water really clean and fresh suit for swimming.

Tour Package
Kalibendo day walk tour  |
01.00 pm : - leave Kampung Osing Inn
                 - 1 hour drive to Kalibendo
                 - jungle trekk till the waterfall continued by swimming

03.00 pm : - rilex and enjoy the view of the area
                 - explore rubber latex plantation
                 - get back to Kampung Osing Inn


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