Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to get to Mt. Bromo from Probolinggo

Bromo Map and Transportation List
Today i want to share a practical guide to reach Mount Bromo from one of closest city of Probolinggo. It is not only the closest base, but also the easiest way to get to Mount Bromo. Things you have to remember, Probolinggo could be the easiest way due to its transportation connectivity but your way will not be as easy as you thought because Probolinggo was famous with their organized scam by the local people.

Your starting point would be depend on how you get to Probolinggo either by train or public bus. Travel by train is more comfortable and less hassle, the one and only train station is Probolinggo Train StationArriving at the station you need to get a bemo, it is a public minivan with yellow color. Stop one of them at the side of the street and tell the driver to take you to Bayuangga Bus Terminala place where you will get the next public bus to reach Bromo.
Attention : Take a bemo with Letter D from train station to Bayuangga Bus Terminal, Normal price 5.000 IDR / Person meanwhile arrival by bus will stop directly at Bayuangga Bus Terminal
Tips : When you get off Probolinggo Train Station, please visit official Tourism Information just in front of the station to get latest update. It is managed by government, the officer there "Kholid" was nice and very informative "Kholid Facebook Page".

Get off the bemo you need to go further inside the bus terminal and find another minibus called Bison it is a special minibus which take a final destination to Cemara Lawang " a last point which close to Mount Bromo  area". It will take about 1.5 hours drive, but practically take longer due to waiting till the bison full of passengers.
Attention : Bison cost 35.000 IDR/Person till Cemara Lawang, it has 25 seats and the driver will only depart from the bus terminal with no empty seat or if you pay all the seat it will directly leaving. Last bison available until 4 pm.
Hassle : Our bemo driver drop us in front of the travel agencies, we were told that the only way to get to Cemara Lawang was renting their private car for 200.000 IDR/Person. When we asked about the bison they told they were not exist anymore. 
Tips : Do not trust any local people, they only try to get money as much as the could. "Trust other fellow travelers only". To find the bison just walk further inside bus terminal. If you can't stand waiting and waiting the bison leaving, you could try to negotiate with ojek. He could give a ride on motorbike to Cemara Lawang by paying about 200.000 IDR.

It will take approximately 1.5 hours drive to Cemara Lawang, the driver will probably offering you some cheap accommodation, jeep renting, even he will also advise you to stay at one of hotels or homestays. You could make a note of their offer but do not make a deal with them in a rush.
Attention : Look on the above map, some hotels are located downhill further from Cemara Lawang. Staying at downhill hotel will not give the best view of whole Bromo area. Hotel will give commission to  bison driver if they drop the passengers at their door.
Hassle :  Bison driver will try their best in order tourists book room in the hotel they recommend to get commission.
Tips : To avoid this practice, tell the bison driver that you already had a reservation at Cemara Indah Hotel. It is the closest hotel from Bromo, even you have whole Bromo landscape as your own yard. 


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