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Mount Bromo, By Jeep or By Walk?

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A classic and easiest way to do Mount Bromo was by Jeep ride, we just sit on jeep and even sleep along the way go. we arrived in Penanjakan Peak for the most stunning sunrise sightseeing, probably it will be the once in your lifetime to enjoy this amazing moment. Finish enjoying sunrise at Penanjakan  Peak (View Point One), the jeep will go trough the sea of sand then finally stop at the crater bottom. We need to walk up the stairs to reach Bromo Crater. At the end the jeep will drop us off at our hotel.


First visit to Mt. Bromo, we decided to take the easiest and more comfortable way by Jeep riding. It was fun as we met other travelers and share the jeep cost with 3 of them. We woke up at 3 am to take jeep to Penanjakan Peak, i heard this is the best viewpoint for the sunrise.

Attention : Jeep cost around 450.000 IDR / Jeep enough for 5-6 people inside ; Entry fee 250.000 IDR on weekdays, 350.000 IDR on weekend.
Hassle : Overcrowded in the viewpoint and traffic jam on the way to Penanjakan due to hundred jeep queue in line on the narrow street waiting their turn to go on.
Tips : Make sure you become the first person who leave your hotel, if you do not want to end up like us. Our jeep got stuck at on traffic jam so we need to walk quite far away to reach Penanjakan, as we were late we do not had any space even to see sunrise with Bromo landscape. 


After reading some post on Lonely Planet forum, we found that there was a hidden track to do sunrise and they told it was really cool viewpoint that was called King Kong Hill. It was reachable only by walk, to get to King Kong Hill firstly we started the track from Cemara Indah Hotel. There was a straight track about 5 km to reach Penanjakan View Point 2  " Check our post about How to Get to Bromo From Probolinggo to get a map of the area ". Arriving at the view point there was a shelter that use to wait and see the sunrise, to reach King Kong Hill we had to climb up further. We realized it when we saw a lady who climb down from the uphill to the shelter to sell some coffee. We tried to follow her path up, for the first we need to climb up quite hard and the rest was fine. The way to King Kong Hill was only one way trough, a rocky and full of bush even we thought probably it was not the right way. After 30 minutes walk we found that King Kong Hill finally. I personally thought it was the best sunrise that i have ever seen in my life.
Attention : From Cemara Indah Hotel you would realize that there are 2 ways to go Penanjakan, left way was a classic jeep riding track meanwhile the right was the track to do Bromo By Walk.
Hassle :  We were told by local people that this track was not possible to do and it was closed, they suggest us to take a jeep ride as other tourists did. They tried at any cost to convince us to take a jeep ride.
Tips : Bring your headlight as the track was really dark since there was no even single street light. Do not ever that local people made fool of you, just go ahead and walk. The best part of this, you do not have to pay entry fee as the ticket counter was located at jeep track.
Bromo Sand Sea View
Bromo Crater by Walk
After the sunrise was over, we hike down back to the shelter and some tourists were surprised how could we get on top of the hill as they thought there was any way to do that. What we would do next was climb up Bromo crater, as we realize from the shelter that we saw a man ride a horse walked trough vegetable fields and took a shortcut to reach Bromo crater. We decided to follow the horse path and about 45 minutes walk we arrived at the bottom of Bromo.It was really nice walk trough the hill and sea of sand, bromo crater itself was nothing unless empty big hole but we were really like the whole landscape viewed from bromo peak. Walked back to the hotel was a challenging final part, as we already had no energy left after long long walk from this early morning. We tried our best with the rest of energy we got, if you can't stand walking anymore there are some people offering for horse or motorbike riding but we keep walked to make this journey title still go on " Bromo by Walk". Congratulation


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