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7 Things To Be Prepared For Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen become first attraction in Banyuwangi that mostly visited by tourists due to its natural beauty which rare to be found in other volcanoes in Indonesia. Despite of its beauty, Kawah Ijen could become one of the worst place to be visited because of its worst condition.

We took a look and collect some information about this volcano, then we summarize them on this post for providing best practice you need to prepare before hiking Kawah Ijen.

1. Safety Requirement, Gas Mask and Goggle

Kawah Ijen has a the most acid lake in this planet that has zero acid level, it caused by the sulphur gas that produce every second. Sulphur gas was bad for lungs and eyes as it was very toxic, so proper gas mask is a must to bring on hand. It is not a normal cloth mask with green color that usually sold in supermarket because it will not help at all. To protect your eyes you could bring goggle with you. Some workers rent gas mask for about 50.000 per unit.

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2. Bring an Orange, Seriously an Orange ?

It is not a must to bring an orange, but it will be very helpful. We do not really eat the orange, what we importantly need is it's skin. Grab small pieces of orange skin then put it inside your gas mask close to your nose. It will neutralize the smell from the sulfur gas, finally you will breath easily. Additional stuffs to bring on hand, a bottle of water and small snacks.\

3. Proper Trekking Gear

You will hike quite tough volcano anyway, the all track dominated by solids and rocks that could be slippery in any way moreover at rainy season. Proper trekking shoes will help to hike easier, make sure it has good grip on it. 
As most people will hike for the blue flame at midnight, you have to prepare headlight and warm clothes to wear on. It will be cold and windy on top of the volcano.

4. A Small Money or A Gift

Sulfur Souvenir in awah Ijen
Souvenir from Sulfur
Kawah Ijen is not more than be a tourist attraction, it is also a place for some local people hang their family life on by being "Sulfur Tansporter". It was very very hard job to do and you are entering their work territory. So be more respectful with them by giving the first priority to pass by as they carry very heavy load of sulfur. Give them some snacks, cigarette, or just buy the souvenir they made to show them some respect and appreciation.

5. Amount of Money, Entry Fee

Kawah Ijen Entry Fee
Kawah Ijen Entry Fee
Bring some cash with you. For entering the park every visitor need to pay entrance fee that cost varied depend on which citizen you are and what kind of identity you are having. For most Foreign tourists entry fee will cost IDR 100.000 will come up to IDR 150.000 on weekend and public holiday. Meanwhile for local tourists (Indonesia Citizen) will cost IDR 15.000 on weekend, yes it would be cheaper for sure on the weekdays. If you are a KITAS holder you can negotiate with the officer if you could get local price or not. It is not always working as it depend on your negotiation skill, few officers are real tough to be asked to accept discount for KITAS holder.

6. Fully Charged Camera, Extra Memory Card Also A Good Idea

Make sure you bring fully charged camera and check the spare space on your memory card. It is not a big deal to be prepared for the hike, but sometime it would be stressful if you found out your camera battery is about to die or maybe your memory card out of space to store all pictures. Do not let these things happen, fully charged your battery bring another extra battery or memory card will be great.

7. Take More Caution On Your Current Condition

Last but not least, Travel Safely. You will hike quite tough volcano with rough condition, so take more caution for your own physical condition moreover for traveler who has breathing difficulties. Do not push your yourself to go on when you doubt with your own condition. Last tips, " do not over selfies". Watch your path out, do not put your eyes only for your smartphone. You are on one of The Most Dangerous Indonesian Volcano, a little carelessness could matter big problem for you.

They are some tips for you guys who want to hike Kawah Ijen, hope that it was useful. Any Query about Kawah Ijen just simply write it down on comment box below. 



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