Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to Get to Alas Purwo Without A Tour?

Alas Purwo National Park
How to Get There
Alas Purwo National Park is located at the south part of Banyuwangi. Due to its remote location, reaching this place could be challenging as there was limited options of public transport. Here on this post, we will share how to go there by own without a tour.

1. Motorbike Riding
We ride motorbike from Banyuwangi headed to Srono, then just easily followed road sign straight to Alas Purwo National Park. It took approximately 2.5 hours riding until the main entrance of the park, we need to register our visit to the officer and paid for the entry fees.Arriving at Pancur post, we need to park any vehicles we ride on.

2. 4WD Hire to Plengkung Beach (G-Land)
To reach Plengkung beach or well known as G-Land where the best surfing spots are there we need to to walk trough the rain forest  for about 1 hour. The other option we could get a 4WD hire from Pancur post. The driver will take us there and wait for us till came back.

Things to See
Alas Purwo National Park offered a complete attractions, wildlife, sport, nature, even culture and history. Sadengan a greeny savana for some wild habitants live their lifes, for surf lovers go to G-Land or Plengkung Beach is a must as you will find the best wave ever in the world. Inside the park laid down some old sacred temples and caves.

Where to Sleep
In Sadengan Savana the only accommodation available is provided by PHKA POS that managed by the park officers that will cost about IDR 150.000 / Night for the basic room. G-Land area has more options, there are two well known surfing camps Joyo's Surf Camp and Bobby Surf Camp. Mostly they make a package including surfing course and facilities.

:: Travel Cost ::
Motorbike Rent - IDR 75.000 (24 Hours)
Fuel - IDR 50.000 (Go and Back)
Entry Fees - IDR 5.000 or IDR 150.000 (Foreigner)
4WD Hire - IDR 250.000 (Go and Back)

:: Travel Notes ::
Bring rain coat as it is easily got rain in the forest
Buy enough drinking water and meal
Best visit between June - October


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