Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where to Find Motorbike Rental In Banyuwangi ?

As a budget tight traveler, motorbike riding could be considered as one of the cheapest way to get around Banyuwangi area, but where in Banyuwangi we could find motorbike to ride. It could be challenging as it is not a common that hotes or hostel has a motorbike rent service such as in Bali. We have the list where to find any one of them, here they are :

1. Tera Tour and Travel -Tourist Information (

Located on Jalan Stasiun Karangasem A7, just 5 minutes walk out of Karangasem. They rent the motorbike for IDR 75.000/24 Hours average price in the area. We really love for this place, free WiFi for visitors that really helpful for everybody. Helpful staff with knowledge about the area, and also they provide food at their mini cafe.

2. Tripoli Tour and Travel

They rent motorbike for IDR 65.000/24 Hours, this is the cheapest price among their other competitors. Also it is located right at the heart of the city, so it would be easier for travelers who stay at the center area. A thing that could be not really comfortable enough is the renting procedure they given to customers, instead of keeping ID Card / Passport / Driving License we need also give them some deposit for guarantee. Even they will give the deposit back when their motorbike is returned, i think it is someway to much money for the deposit (About IDR 500.000). In fact we could spend that money into something else, meanwhile if you are fine with all those conditions just go ahead to book with them.

3. Toko Subur
This is actually a shop located just in front of Karangasem Train Station, they also has motorbike to rent for cost IDR 75.000/24 Hours. Yes, it is a bit more expensive anyway but what we really love are the location is making us easier moreover if we continue to travel by train. Furthermore they only keep our identity card, so they are more flexible and more comfortable for travelers who book with them.

4. Motocy Banyuwangi
This is the last company of our research for renting motorbike, a company called Motocy. They charge the same price as Toko Subur for IDR 75.000/24 Hours. Their office location is further down town, a good thing that they could deliver the motorbike to where you are now. It could be very helpful, instead of going to their office. Sometimes it could become a hassle when they need long time to deliver the motorbike to the place where we are now. Also think about, we could not choose the motorbike if they send it to our place but everything could be cleared by phone call to make sure all matters are fine.

These are top three motorbike rental companies in Banyuwangi with their own advantages, choose wisely before you book with them. All information we provide are based on May 2016 research. Happy Travel ...!


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