Helpful Websites to travel in Indonesia

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1. Train and Flight Reservation / 
Indonesia's No.1 booking website specialized in flight and train ticket, easy to use website and payment. They accept local bank payment and foreign credit card that even could not be done by other booking sites. Today, we could also book hotel and ticket event on website with lower price and no hassle.

2.Indonesian Railway Company / 
Indonesia's official railway company, the company offer the lowest price of train ticket compared other online travel agencies. Unfortunately the website was built in full Indonesian Language and only could receive payment trough local banks. For foreign credit card will have difficulties to complete the payment, but it is still helpful to get complete train schedule.

3.Hotel Reservation /
Traveloka could be a pioneer for OTA in Indonesia, this website has already worked with almost accommodation provider in Indonesia. Budget friendly and five star accommodations get listed everyday, find the best deal from them with daily promotion and discount.

4.Hotel - Flight - Train Reservation /
An affiliate website that make a possibility to book hotels, flights, and train ticket online. They also have helpful information about destinations in Indonesia.


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