Monday, January 9, 2017

Top Five Places To Visit In Banyuwangi

Summer holiday is about to begin, Is Java on your travel bucket list? so you have to visit Banyuwangi for sure. The region has lots of natural attractions and they are amazing. Here are some places  to put on your list to explore when visiting Banyuwangi.

Kawah Ijen is your top on a list, this is probably the most acid volcanoes in Indonesia that produces tons of sulfur everyday. The main attraction of this place is "Blue Flame", it is a natural combustion of sulfur that coming from deep part of the volcano. The flame is everlasting flame, but it could be only seen when the sky completely dark. That means you have to start the hike at midnight. Hike to Kawah Ijen will take about 1.5 hours trough moderate hiking track, quite steep at some part so you need to manage your energy along the way up. Kawah Ijen also have a beautiful greeny lake and super power sulfur carriers. They carry 60 Kg - 80 Kg of sulfur stone by handmade bamboo basket to be carried on their shoulder, they carry it all the way up from the crater bottom. These guys are real superman.


Teluk Hijau or well known as Green Bay, a remote exotic bay located at Pesanggaran district 90 Km away to the south of Banyuwangi about 3 hours drive. The bay has very clear green water and brownish sand. You could just relax and enjoy the peaceful of Green Bay, swimming, trekking to the waterfall, or you also hire boat from local fishermen to take you explore the bay (IDR 50.000 / Person).

Pulau Merah located exactly at Pesanggaran district, approximately 2 hours drive or by public bus. This beach is so relaxing, just lay down on the shore and enjoy the sunset. When the water is in under normal level, you could go to the small island over the sea. Local fishermen offer boat service to take you there anyway. Red Island also become a surfer paradise, yearly surfing competition held here.

Baluran is well known as African Van Java, you can do jeep safari tour around the park. Jungle safari in Baluran was an amazing experience, evergreen rain forest along the way trough the park, birds watching, snorkeling at Bama beach also could be an option. Baluran is well known for its stunning sunrise, for sunrise viewing you need to overnight inside the park.

G-Land is a part of Alas Purwo National Park, at the south of Banyuwangi that needs about 4 hours drive to get there. Best time to go surfing at G-Land between Juli - September, these months are the highest wave will come to be challenged. Alas Purwo National Park also has greeny savana called Sadengan, this is could be another option when visiting the area.


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