Sunday, December 3, 2017

How To Do East Java In 3 Days [Only Three Days]

Java is an island where most people are concentrated, a place which has the best development and a place where big cities are exist. It is easier to travel in Java compare other islands in Indonesia, we have trains, international airport, 24 hours ferry connection, and well road connection.

East Java is not so popular than West Java or Central Java which has stunning old temple as one of World's Heritage, but visit the east could become a highlight of your travel. Here we will share a tips how to do East Java in three days..


The easiest city to start your East Java adventure is Surabaya, as it has all facilities you need. On this post we will mostly travel by train, as  it is cheaper and punctual. Let's say, we have already in Surabaya now and want to get a train to Surabaya Gubeng Train Station. There are two options of trains that we could get on :

Mutiara Timur Siang - recommended

This train has two different classes (Executive and Business Class), departure at 08.30 AM from Surabaya Gubeng and arrival at Banyuwangi 03.00 PM. It is the best option train as it arrive before evening, so that we can have more time to recover from jetlag and recover our body before hiking Kawah Ijen. Price Range IDR 100.000 - 200.000

Sritanjung - last option

The last option is getting Sritanjung Train which depart from Surabaya Gubeng Train Station at 01.30 PM then arrival in Banyuwangi 08.45 PM. This train is economic class only, which cost IDR 100.000

Staying at Kampung Osing Inn

Arriving at Banyuwangi, we need one night stay here just for a short sleep before going to hike Kawah Ijen at the same night. We have cheap room and the best service for guests, free WiFi, tasty breakfast, unlimited drinking water and coffee, also we have knowledgeable staff about the area.

We also able to help you to arrange your Kawah Ijen hike with excellent service at the fair price.

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Leaving for Kawah Ijen at midnight, see the blue flame, sunrise, and the sulfur mining activities. We need to finish all the activities around 7 AM, drive back to Kampung Osing Inn estimated time arrival at 8 AM. Get a quick breakfast and shower, then go to train station to catch 9.15 am train.

Arriving at Probolinggo Train Station, we need to take a yellow bemo (with D letter in front) to go to Bayuangga Bus Terminal. Then continue to take a public bus called Bison to go directly to Cemara Lawang. For the complete direction, pricing, and schedule, kindly check the post below :

Looking for accommodation in Cemara Lawang is super easy, there are plenty of cheap homestay for IDR 150.000 Per Night. Just go there, knock the door, negotiate the price with the owner. 

To go for Bromo sunrise, there are two options. You can just simply booked and share a jeep with other travelers or you could just do it by your own. For more details, kindly check this below link :


On the Day 3 after your Bromo sunrise adventure, we need to get back to Surabaya. This could be the last train travel we have to do, trains available twice in a day from Probolinggo at 11.00 am and 01.00 pm.

Any question about planning your travel to East Java, Don't be hesitate to reach us by email on contact us form which available on the webpage.


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