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5 Easy Ways To Go Kawah Ijen Independently

Kawah Ijen has become No.1 place to be visited when you are in Banyuwangi, almost everyday hundred of tourists do hiking for Kawah Ijen. Limited information about how to get there safely and easily became a problem for some visitors. Here we wrote some possibilities how to go to Kawah Ijen :

1. Hire Jeep With A Driver (Highly Recommended)

This is the best and safest way to get to Kawah Ijen, hiring a jeep with a driver is the best option. A driver has complete experiences and knowledge about the path to Kawah Ijen, so your safety will be his top priority. 

Jeep Hire including the driver and fuel mostly cost for IDR 700.000 / Car (6 Seats) , It will include pick up and drop off from your hotel. Here at Kampung Osing Inn we have a package for Jeep + Room which cost cheaper if you book together at once, it will includes :
  • - Free pick up from Banyuwangi area
  • - Free drop off to Banyuwangi area
  • - Bonus visit to Jagir Waterfall on the way back from Kawah Ijen

2. Rent A  Motorbike - Self Ride (Possible but Not Recommended)

It is also possible to get to Kawah Ijen by motorbike, the road is good and always sign along the way up so you won't get lost anyway. Rent motorbike could be the cheapest way to get to Kawah Ijen but it has the biggest risk of accident. We do not recommend to ride motorbike for you who are not get used to ride for it.

Risks :
  • - Night Riding , Ride to get to Kawah Ijen base for 1.5 hours in the middle of the night
  • - Over Exhausted , Have to be more careful  to ride back in tired and sleepy condition
  • - No Insurance, If there is a broken part of motorbike because of guest fault need to be paid

Benefits :
  • - Very cheap , motorbike rent cost IDR 75.000/Day ; estimated fuel consumption IDR 20.000

3. Hire An Ojek Rider -  (Recommended for solo traveler)

This could be an option for solo traveler, it is going by motorbike but someone will ride for you so it is more safe than self riding. Ojek to Kawah Ijen mostly cost IDR 250.000 / person (go and back). 

How To Arrange For It ?

If you stay at Kampung Osing Inn, we can help you to arrange ojek to Kawah Ijen. We know some reliable and experienced ojek rider to take you to Kawah Ijen safely.

4. Order A Grab Or GoCar -  (Not Working For Kawah Ijen )

Here we share our guest experienced who stay at our place, they want to go to Kawah Ijen by ordering Grab as that is the cheapest option IDR 185.000 / One Way. We tried to explained them clearly that Grab is not working to be applied to get to Kawah Ijen.

The story continued, they booked Grab 12.30 am. Yes, the driver was coming in few minutes.

But... He wanted to cancel the order because with IDR 185.000 would not covered operational cost and proposed a new price for about IDR 500.000 which was more expensive for only one way.

They were arguing each other with no solution and it was already too late for us to arrange another jeep driver for them. 

So they paid for that amount because there is no other option in the middle of the night.

Conclusions :
It is not possible to book Grab / GoCar to go to Kawah Ijen for a fair price or same price showed on the mobile app. 

5. Hitch Hike Sulfur Truck  -  (Working But Not Really Rocemmended )

For adventure seekers, this could be the best option we could recommend. You can hitch hike this truck (usually used to transport workers and sulfur rocks), it leaves every day except friday in the morning at 6.00 AM from sulfur warehouse ( Address : Desa Tamansari, Licin)

sulfur truck to kawah ijen
Kawah Ijen Sulfur Truck

How Much Do We Pay ?

There was no certain price to pay, just buy them cigarette maybe 2 packs to share with the workers on the truck and they will be very happy to invite you to join.

Hassles :

It would be quite hard to get to the warehouse in time from the city center as there is no public transportation to get the area. Just find an accommodation nearby Tamansari or Licin area to make the plan easier.

To get back from Kawah Ijen, you still can also go by this truck. It leaves back to warehouse with no fix time schedule, it leaves when the truck full load of sulfur.

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