Saturday, December 8, 2018

Air Terjun Jagir (Jagir Waterfall)

Jagir Waterfall - located in the direction of the natural tourist attraction of Ijen Crater, precisely in Kampung Anyar Village, Glagah District, Banyuwangi. The clear water and the beautiful and green surroundings make Jagir Waterfall an alternative choice after visiting Ijen Crater. A very suitable place to unwind after a tiring climb from Ijen Crater.

There are 2 spots of Jagir Waterfall, the first spot is located near the entrance and has an artificial niche or dam that is large enough for visitors to soak (Picture above). The second waterfall is located deeper so that visitors need to go along the river flow about 1 km. This second waterfall is higher than the previous waterfall, there is also a natural niche for swimming.
Attention: The waterfall on the second spot has a deeper and deeper niche so there are not many local people around it. It would be nice to invite one of the local residents as a guide for mutual safety.

How To Get There

It is quite easy to get there, only 15 minutes ride from Kampung Osing Inn. You could easily order Grab for about IDR 30.000 for one way. Visitors have to pay parking fee and entrance fee, estimated IDR 15.000 / Person.

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