Saturday, December 8, 2018

Blawan Hotspring, Bondowoso, East Java

Blawan Hotspring - located in Bondowoso area, 1.5 hours drive from Paltuding base. Blawan is a name of the region, it has 3 spots to be visited which mostly ignored by tourists either tour operator. They are Kalipahit Acid River, Blawan Acid Waterfall, and Blawan Natural Hotspring.

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Things To Do

In the Blawan area there is a natural hot spring with sulfur contained in the water, you could soak in the water as long as you want. There are two soaking pool in Blawan, nearby the pool there is a local store which has tasty Arabica Coffee at a cheap price.

Only 5 minutes walk from the pool, acid waterfall of Blawan free to be visited. It was a big waterfall, so that you would not be able to swim and beware of your feet.

How To Get There

The best time to visit Blawan is right after visiting Kawah Ijen, just make sure have a short brake and coffee before going to Blawan. The easiest way is hire a car with a driver for safety reason, the other option is self ride by motorbike. You could save more money for it, but also consider of your safety. It could be tiring after midnight walk up to Kawah Ijen then you have to ride motorbike almost 1 hour.

Kampung Osing Inn - has a package which is combining Kawah Ijen Midnight Blue Flame Tour With Blawan Hotspring. It is only available for private tour only with minimum 2 persons. For more information about the package, feel free to contact us !

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