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How To Get To Banyuwangi By Train, All Complete Schedule

Banyuwangi is well-known to foreign countries, not only Ijen Crater tourism which is excellent, but other tourist destinations such as Pulau Merah, Hijau Bay, Tabuhan Island are also other attractions of Banyuwangi tourism. Banyuwangi Regency Government also continues to fix tourism facilities and infrastructure, especially transportation in order to facilitate tourist access. One of the easy transportation accesses is the Railroad ... Now in this article, will share the departure schedule of the Train to Banyuwangi ...

From Jakarta

For those of you in the capital of Jakarta, you can choose to depart from Gambir Station or Pasar Senen, because there is no direct train from Jakarta - Banyuwangi requiring you to transit to Surabaya first. If you depart from Gambir Station or Pasar Senen Station, if possible choose a train with Surabaya Gubeng destination for ease of mobility. Because the train from Surabaya to Banyuwangi departs from Surabaya Gubeng Station, not Pasar Turi Station. While the distance of Pasar Turi Station to Surabaya Gubeng Station is also quite far, about 30 minutes drive if there is no traffic jam.


1Bangunkarta (Eks)Gambir 15.00Gubeng 03.30
2Bima (Eks)Gambir 16.30Gubeng 05.38
3Argo Bromo Anggrek (Eks)Gambir 09.30Pasar Turi 18.30
4Sembrani (Eks)Gambir 19.15Pasar Turi 05.43
5Argo Bromo Anggrek (Eks)Gambir 21.30Pasar Turi 06.30
6Jayabaya (Eko)Pasar Senen 13.00Pasar Turi 00.05
7Kertajaya (Eko)Pasar Senen 14.00Pasar Turi 01.40
8Gumarang (Bis,Eks)Pasar Senen 15.45Pasar Turi 03.04
9Gaya Baru Malam Selatan (Eko)Pasar Senen 10.15Gubeng 01.35
10Jayabaya (Eko)Pasar Senen 13.20Gubeng 03.45
11Jayakarta PremiumPasar Senen 13.01Gubeng 00.36

Upon your arrival at Surabaya Gubeng Station, you must change trains to the final destination of Banyuwangi. Things you need to consider, choose a stop at Karangasem Station instead of New Banyuwangi Station. Karangasem Station is the closest station to downtown Banyuwangi so that it will facilitate your mobility. Whereas Banyuwangi Baru Station is located at the north end of the city next to the Ketapang ferry port.


1Wijayakusuma (Eko, Eks)Surabaya Gubeng 00.30Karangasem 06.38
2Probowangi (Eko)Surabaya Gubeng 04.30Karangasem 11.24
3Mutiara Timur Siang (Bis,Eks)Surabaya Gubeng 09.00Karangasem 15.04
4Sri Tanjung (Eko)Surabaya Gubeng 14.00Karangasem 20.30
5Mutiara Timur Malam (Bis,Eks)Surabaya Gubeng 22.00Karangasem 04.00

From Yogyakarta

For those of you who depart from Yogyakarta, there are two direct train routes to Banyuwangi. Sritanjung Railway which departs from Lempuyangan Station at 07.00 and Wijayakusuma Railway which departs from Tugu Station at 18:16. The price of each train is different because of class differences.


1Wijayakusuma (Eko, Eks)Stasiun Tugu 18.16Karangasem 06.38
2Sritanjung (Eko)Stasiun Lempuyangan 07.00Karangasem 20.30

From Malang

The train for Banyuwangi from Malang is only available once a day, namely the Tawang Alun Railway. Because the arrival of the train is very late, you should choose an accommodation near the Karangasem Station.


1Tawang Alun (Eko)Stasiun Malang 16.00Karangasem 23.30

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