Saturday, December 8, 2018

Jawatan Forest Benculuk

Hutan Jawatan Benculuk -
JAWATAN BENCULUK - located at District Benculuk, Banyuwangi about 30 minutes drive from the city capital. Jawatan has been already operated since 1951 under management of National Forestry Ministry or well known as PERHUTANI. The area has 3.8 acre full of big high greeny Trambesi Trees, there is also old train mostly used to load logs complete with its workshop.

Things To Do

Jawatan is a good spot to enjoy a natural wild forest, Panorama of old tree and wood pile in Jawatan become very interesting and very innovative photo spots, besides that there is a tree house that is very suitable to be made a place to relax and enjoy the cold air while taking photos.

In addition to the towering old trees, there are also small bridge bridges, mini parks, de Djawatan writings, swings that lay on chairs from a board that is attached to a tree with a slap, and a car that is not used anymore.

How To Get There

The easiest way to reach Jawatan Benculuk is by getting a car drive, if you have good riding skill you could get there by your own motorbike. It is easy to find the location, just straight to the south from Banyuwangi City Centre till you find a big sign written "De Jawatan" then follow the signs.

Kampung Osing Inn - organize a city tour package which include the visit to Jawatan, guests could stay in our accommodation to arrange the trip to Jawatan. If you want to do it on your own way by motorbike we could help you to find one for you.

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