Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sukamade Turtle Reserve

SUKAMADE - is located in the area of Taman Nasional Meru Betiri, it is a place where turtles conservation program took place. Witnessing laying egg turtles is the main attraction when you visited Sukamade. The road to Sukamade is still dirt road cross a big easily flooded river, it will be very challenging and adventurous to get there.

Turtle Hatching

Turtles are in extinction nowadays, witnessing live laying egg turtle is becoming a special rare moment and Sukamade is the best place for it. Its existence is becoming increasingly rare. The causes are illegal hunting, lost of natural habitat where turtles lay eggs, and damage to coastal and marine ecosystems.

Turtle Laying Egg Sukamade Banyuwangi
Turtle Laying Egg In Sukamade

These ancient animals were only on land when they were eggs. As soon as the eggs hatch, the turtle goes straight to the sea, then swims across the free sea. Only female turtles occasionally rise to land to lay eggs, male turtles throughout their lives are spent in the ocean.

Turtles have geomagnetic imprinting, which is a natural navigation tool. Although turtles always roam the ocean for thousands of kilometers, he will still return to the beach where he was born, to lay eggs.

Releasing Baby Turtles

Tourists could also join on baby turtle releasing activity in the morning before breakfast.Turtle's eggs would be collected by the park ranger and moved to the conservation area to be hatched. It was good for the eggs in order not to be stolen or hunted by predators. 

Right after the eggs were hatched, little bay turtles would be release to the sea to get their free natural life.Sukamade Banyuwangi tourism will usually leave memories and contemplation for tourists. We will learn to appreciate the environment more through this Sukamade Banyuwangi tourism activity.

How To Get To Sukamade

Located almost 90 Km away from Banyuwangi city center or would take around 5 - 6 hours driving. The only to get there is by hire 4WD Jeep from Banyuwangi as the road there was really terrible. Very tough road and big river which easily get flood. On the way to Sukamade, we will pass trough beautiful beaches of Teluk Hijau and Rajegwesi.

Kampung Osing Inn - could organize a package tour to get to Sukamade, it is included the transport using 4WD Jeep, English Speaking Tour Guide, Entrance Fee, and Accommodation. Want to have more information about our Sukamade Tour Package ? Don't be hesitate to contact us.

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