Saturday, December 1, 2018

On 2019, Entrance Ticket For Kawah Ijen Will Be Sold Online

A massive tourism promotion has already made a great impact for Banyuwangi, increasing tourist visit, hotels and resort were growing in the area, and more jobs for the locals. More nature attractions were open for public then became a popular destination, more and more tourists visit them everyday. Yes, it was good for the local economic but not too good for the nature itself. Exploding visitor caused another environmental problem, let's take a look closer to Kawah Ijen. Kawah Ijen was not a new destination, but it was getting more and more popular after yearly bicycle race "TOUR DE BANYUWANGI IJEN". Almost 2.000 people visit Kawah Ijen on the weekend, could be more on public holidays. It was not good for the nature, that is why the government took action soon to implement some policies :

1. Limited Ticket Everyday

There will be not more than 1.000 tickets per day, we still have no valid information about the final number of the ticket will be sold. But the chief ministry of forestry confirmed that the ticket will not more than 1.000 per day.

2. Ticket Only Available Online

Started from January 2019, there will be no printed ticket sold at Paltuding. Ticket could be bought online trough certain online travel agent, for our guest who plan to visit Kawah Ijen please contact and consult about your visit to Kawah Ijen in advance few weeks before arrival.

3. Total Shutdown

There will be once in a month that Kawah Ijen will be totally closed from tourism visit, our nature also need a rest that what the chief said about the total shutdown policy.

We advise to plan your travel and visit to Kawah Ijen very well in advance, the policies made to control of overcrowded and improved the safety. Be responsible to the mother nature..!

For any question about Banyuwangi and Kawah Ijen, Don't be hesitate to contact us ! We are here to help you to arrange perfect holiday.


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