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Sunday, December 3, 2017

How To Do East Java In 3 Days [Only Three Days]

Java is an island where most people are concentrated, a place which has the best development and a place where big cities are exist. It is easier to travel in Java compare other islands in Indonesia, we have trains, international airport, 24 hours ferry connection, and well road connection.

East Java is not so popular than West Java or Central Java which has stunning old temple as one of World's Heritage, but visit the east could become a highlight of your travel. Here we will share a tips how to do East Java in three days..


The easiest city to start your East Java adventure is Surabaya, as it has all facilities you need. On this post we will mostly travel by train, as  it is cheaper and punctual. Let's say, we have already in Surabaya now and want to get a train to Surabaya Gubeng Train Station. There are two options of trains that we could get on :

Mutiara Timur Siang - recommended

This train has two different classes (Executive and Business Class), departure at 08.30 AM from Surabaya Gubeng and arrival at Banyuwangi 03.00 PM. It is the best option train as it arrive before evening, so that we can have more time to recover from jetlag and recover our body before hiking Kawah Ijen. Price Range IDR 100.000 - 200.000

Sritanjung - last option

The last option is getting Sritanjung Train which depart from Surabaya Gubeng Train Station at 01.30 PM then arrival in Banyuwangi 08.45 PM. This train is economic class only, which cost IDR 100.000

Staying at Kampung Osing Inn

Arriving at Banyuwangi, we need one night stay here just for a short sleep before going to hike Kawah Ijen at the same night. We have cheap room and the best service for guests, free WiFi, tasty breakfast, unlimited drinking water and coffee, also we have knowledgeable staff about the area.

We also able to help you to arrange your Kawah Ijen hike with excellent service at the fair price.

Image result for book a tour button png


Leaving for Kawah Ijen at midnight, see the blue flame, sunrise, and the sulfur mining activities. We need to finish all the activities around 7 AM, drive back to Kampung Osing Inn estimated time arrival at 8 AM. Get a quick breakfast and shower, then go to train station to catch 9.15 am train.

Arriving at Probolinggo Train Station, we need to take a yellow bemo (with D letter in front) to go to Bayuangga Bus Terminal. Then continue to take a public bus called Bison to go directly to Cemara Lawang. For the complete direction, pricing, and schedule, kindly check the post below :

Looking for accommodation in Cemara Lawang is super easy, there are plenty of cheap homestay for IDR 150.000 Per Night. Just go there, knock the door, negotiate the price with the owner. 

To go for Bromo sunrise, there are two options. You can just simply booked and share a jeep with other travelers or you could just do it by your own. For more details, kindly check this below link :


On the Day 3 after your Bromo sunrise adventure, we need to get back to Surabaya. This could be the last train travel we have to do, trains available twice in a day from Probolinggo at 11.00 am and 01.00 pm.

Any question about planning your travel to East Java, Don't be hesitate to reach us by email on contact us form which available on the webpage.

Friday, July 21, 2017



Todays, reaching Banyuwangi could have never been easy. Sriwijaya Air has already opened a direct flight from Jakarta to Banyuwangi started from June 16th, 2017. This is a new innovation from Sriwijaya Air Group to shorten the flight route which needs to have transit flight to Surabaya as we did before Sriwijaya Air officially operate this direct flight route. Sriwijaya Air operates once a day flight either from Jakarta or Banyuwangi which will take approximately 1,5 hours fly.

Jakarta - Banyuwangi : Departure 07.05 AM [Soekarno Hatta Airport] | Arrival 08.35 AM [Blimbingsari Airport] | IDR 900.000 Per Pax 
Banyuwangi - Jakarta : Departure 09.05 AM [Blimbingsari Airport] | Arrival 10.30 AM [Soekarno Hatta Airport] | IDR 900.000 Per Pax 

* Price and time schedule could be changed without further notification to us.
* We do not take any responsibility for the change of price and schedule.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yogyakarta to Probolinggo Mount Bromo By Train

Train Yogyakarta to Probolinggo
Yogyakarta or shortly be called Yogya or Jogja become one of the most famous destinations in Java, it could be a must place to be visited during your travel in Java. Borobudur, Prambanan, Mount Merapi, are places to explore in Yogyakarta beside it's culture. After visiting Yogyakarta, the classic route is going to Mt. Bromo in Probolinggo. A problem come out, "WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET TO PROBOLINGGO WITHOUT A TOUR ?". This post we featured travel by train from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo, WHY TRAIN ?

  1. COMFORTABLE - All train in any classes are provided by AC, Food Wagon, and Toilet.
  2. RELIABLE - Compare with bus or private car, train is more reliable to arrive on time.
  3. CHEAPER Cheaper, you can go to probolinggo from Yogya (400 Km for IDR 74.000).
OK,, Straight to the main topic,,,

There are three possibilities train to be taken from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo which describe by the above pictures. Things you have to note, Yogyakarta has two different stations name LEMPUYANGAN and TUGU (Located right in Malioboro). Lempuyangan Station is for Economic Class Train meanwhile Business/Executive Class will depart from Tugu Station.

The earliest available train from Lempuyangan Station (Departure 06.30 AM), it is economic class train which has route Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Probolinggo-Banyuwangi.

Second economic train from Lempuyangan Yogyakarta at 08.50 AM, it is also economic train but it is a direct train to Probolinggo not stop over in Surabaya.

A direct Business / Executive Train depart from TUGU STATION at 09.56 AM, it would cost for about IDR 300.000 for executive class.

You could book your train ticket online trough our website by clicking Ticket on menubar or simply click this link : http://www.kampungosing.com/p/tickets.html , We affiliate with Indonesian No.1 Travel agency so you will get the best price for your ticket.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Top Five Places To Visit In Banyuwangi

Summer holiday is about to begin, Is Java on your travel bucket list? so you have to visit Banyuwangi for sure. The region has lots of natural attractions and they are amazing. Here are some places  to put on your list to explore when visiting Banyuwangi.

Kawah Ijen is your top on a list, this is probably the most acid volcanoes in Indonesia that produces tons of sulfur everyday. The main attraction of this place is "Blue Flame", it is a natural combustion of sulfur that coming from deep part of the volcano. The flame is everlasting flame, but it could be only seen when the sky completely dark. That means you have to start the hike at midnight. Hike to Kawah Ijen will take about 1.5 hours trough moderate hiking track, quite steep at some part so you need to manage your energy along the way up. Kawah Ijen also have a beautiful greeny lake and super power sulfur carriers. They carry 60 Kg - 80 Kg of sulfur stone by handmade bamboo basket to be carried on their shoulder, they carry it all the way up from the crater bottom. These guys are real superman.


Teluk Hijau or well known as Green Bay, a remote exotic bay located at Pesanggaran district 90 Km away to the south of Banyuwangi about 3 hours drive. The bay has very clear green water and brownish sand. You could just relax and enjoy the peaceful of Green Bay, swimming, trekking to the waterfall, or you also hire boat from local fishermen to take you explore the bay (IDR 50.000 / Person).

Pulau Merah located exactly at Pesanggaran district, approximately 2 hours drive or by public bus. This beach is so relaxing, just lay down on the shore and enjoy the sunset. When the water is in under normal level, you could go to the small island over the sea. Local fishermen offer boat service to take you there anyway. Red Island also become a surfer paradise, yearly surfing competition held here.

Baluran is well known as African Van Java, you can do jeep safari tour around the park. Jungle safari in Baluran was an amazing experience, evergreen rain forest along the way trough the park, birds watching, snorkeling at Bama beach also could be an option. Baluran is well known for its stunning sunrise, for sunrise viewing you need to overnight inside the park.

G-Land is a part of Alas Purwo National Park, at the south of Banyuwangi that needs about 4 hours drive to get there. Best time to go surfing at G-Land between Juli - September, these months are the highest wave will come to be challenged. Alas Purwo National Park also has greeny savana called Sadengan, this is could be another option when visiting the area.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

How To Get To Banyuwangi (Flight, Train, Bus, And Ferry)

Banyuwangi has a well connected transportation, you could get here from other part of Indonesia easily by flights, trains, buses, and ferries. Here we will write a post about "How To Get To Banyuwangi ?, Let's Rock... Arrrggghhh

Flight to Banyuwangi only availabe from Surabaya and Denpasar (Bali), flight operates by Garuda Airline and Lion Air twice in a day that takes time mostly at noon. All flights depart from Banyuwangi will be held from Blimbingsari Airport, it is one hour drive from Banyuwangi city center. So make sure you will arrive there in time, the best way to get to Blimbingsari Airport is by hiring a taxi as there is no public transportation available to go to the airport. Taxi will cost you approximately IDR 150.000, there is also airport bus operated by DAMRI from Blimbingsari Airport to the center.

Banyuwangi has well connected train, you could get there easily from other part of Java. Train is the second best option after flight, it is the most popular transportation for Indonesian. Nowadays, Indonesian trains have already improved a lot, more comfort as all trains are equipped by AC, more secure as there is always guards on the train, and cleaner. Here are trains that you could take to get to Banyuwangi :

Train From Yogyakarta To Banyuwangi
There is a direct train called SRITANJUNG which depart from Lempuyangan Train Station in Yogyakarta at 6.30 AM to Banyuwangi with arrival time 9.00 PM. It is economic long distance train that also make a stop at Surabaya, Probolinggo, Jember, and cost you for IDR 94.000.

Train From Surabaya To Banyuwangi
Train travel from Surabaya to Banyuwangi have more options, economic, business, and first class train leave daily from Surabaya Gubeng Train Station. Here the list :

  • Mutiara Timur Siang | Departure 08.30 am - Arrival 03.00 pm | From IDR 85.000 - 150.000
  • Sritanjung | Departure 01.15 pm - Arrival 09.00 pm | From IDR 94.000
  • Mutiara Timur Malam | Departure 10.00 pm - Arrival 05.00 am |  From IDR 100.000 - 180.000
Train From Malang To Banyuwangi

There is only one train available daily from Malang to Banyuwangi called Tawang Alun Train which depart at 3.45 pm then arrive in Banyuwangi at 11 pm (cost for IDR 65.000). Tawang Alun is an economic long distance train, equipped with AC and food court.

Travel by bus to get to Banyuwangi could be doable from most cities in Java such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Probolinggo, and Malang. What you need to concern is some busses will not go directly to Banyuwangi as it is a transit bus. Banyuwangi main bus station is "Terminal Brawijaya", located at Jalan Brawijaya about 10 minutes drive to the city center. Bus prices is varied depend on the departure city, Surabaya to Banyuwangi mostly cost IDR 150.000 / Person (AC and Direct Bus).


Ferries only connect between Bali and Banyuwangi, the ferries run 24 hours non stop which means there is always a ferry cross every 15 minutes. Actually it will need 45 minutes to cross, we have also traffic on sea that will make your crossing time take almost 1.5 hours. To cross by ferry will cost IDR 6.000 / Person, please buy the ticket at the official ticket counter to prevent scam practice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Helpful Websites to travel in Indonesia

1. Train and Flight Reservation /  www.tiket.com 
Indonesia's No.1 booking website specialized in flight and train ticket, easy to use website and payment. They accept local bank payment and foreign credit card that even could not be done by other booking sites. Today, we could also book hotel and ticket event on tiket.com website with lower price and no hassle.

2.Indonesian Railway Company / www.kereta-api.co.id 
Indonesia's official railway company, the company offer the lowest price of train ticket compared other online travel agencies. Unfortunately the website was built in full Indonesian Language and only could receive payment trough local banks. For foreign credit card will have difficulties to complete the payment, but it is still helpful to get complete train schedule.

3.Hotel Reservation / www.traveloka.com
Traveloka could be a pioneer for OTA in Indonesia, this website has already worked with almost accommodation provider in Indonesia. Budget friendly and five star accommodations get listed everyday, find the best deal from them with daily promotion and discount.

4.Hotel - Flight - Train Reservation / www.grabtiket.com
An affiliate website that make a possibility to book hotels, flights, and train ticket online. They also have helpful information about destinations in Indonesia.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where to Find Motorbike Rental In Banyuwangi ?

As a budget tight traveler, motorbike riding could be considered as one of the cheapest way to get around Banyuwangi area, but where in Banyuwangi we could find motorbike to ride. It could be challenging as it is not a common that hotes or hostel has a motorbike rent service such as in Bali. We have the list where to find any one of them, here they are :

1. Tera Tour and Travel -Tourist Information (www.banyuwangiinfo.com)

Located on Jalan Stasiun Karangasem A7, just 5 minutes walk out of Karangasem. They rent the motorbike for IDR 75.000/24 Hours average price in the area. We really love for this place, free WiFi for visitors that really helpful for everybody. Helpful staff with knowledge about the area, and also they provide food at their mini cafe.

2. Tripoli Tour and Travel

They rent motorbike for IDR 65.000/24 Hours, this is the cheapest price among their other competitors. Also it is located right at the heart of the city, so it would be easier for travelers who stay at the center area. A thing that could be not really comfortable enough is the renting procedure they given to customers, instead of keeping ID Card / Passport / Driving License we need also give them some deposit for guarantee. Even they will give the deposit back when their motorbike is returned, i think it is someway to much money for the deposit (About IDR 500.000). In fact we could spend that money into something else, meanwhile if you are fine with all those conditions just go ahead to book with them.

3. Toko Subur
This is actually a shop located just in front of Karangasem Train Station, they also has motorbike to rent for cost IDR 75.000/24 Hours. Yes, it is a bit more expensive anyway but what we really love are the location is making us easier moreover if we continue to travel by train. Furthermore they only keep our identity card, so they are more flexible and more comfortable for travelers who book with them.

4. Motocy Banyuwangi
This is the last company of our research for renting motorbike, a company called Motocy. They charge the same price as Toko Subur for IDR 75.000/24 Hours. Their office location is further down town, a good thing that they could deliver the motorbike to where you are now. It could be very helpful, instead of going to their office. Sometimes it could become a hassle when they need long time to deliver the motorbike to the place where we are now. Also think about, we could not choose the motorbike if they send it to our place but everything could be cleared by phone call to make sure all matters are fine.

These are top three motorbike rental companies in Banyuwangi with their own advantages, choose wisely before you book with them. All information we provide are based on May 2016 research. Happy Travel ...!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Choose Proper Gas Mask For Kawah Ijen ?

A Gas mask is very crucial requirement to bring for every visitor who intend to hike Kawah Ijen. There are few type of gas masks available nowadays, the most important is the safety reason for the user as you will be on the most acidic and toxic volcano in Indonesia. So give more attention for this issue


1. Cloth Type Gas Mask
It is the cheapest and easiest gas mask to get, there are many of them in mini market (Indomaret and Alfamart) even in a small shops. But using this mask could be the worst idea ever, it is so thin so can't handle the sulfur gas that has smaller particle size.

2. Rider Type Gas Mask
It is better than the cloth one, some of them has active carbon that could absorb chemical stuffs within macro size. It is helpful to use for motorbike riding to prevent from dust, volcanic ashes, but it still can't stand to prevent the sulfur gas as it has smaller particle size.

3. Industrial Type Gas Mask
This type of gas mask is the best option as it is well design gas mask for hazardous working condition under chemical environment. Using this gas mask may cause no any problem against the smelly toxic sulfur gas of Kawah Ijen.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to Get to Alas Purwo Without A Tour?

Alas Purwo National Park
How to Get There
Alas Purwo National Park is located at the south part of Banyuwangi. Due to its remote location, reaching this place could be challenging as there was limited options of public transport. Here on this post, we will share how to go there by own without a tour.

1. Motorbike Riding
We ride motorbike from Banyuwangi headed to Srono, then just easily followed road sign straight to Alas Purwo National Park. It took approximately 2.5 hours riding until the main entrance of the park, we need to register our visit to the officer and paid for the entry fees.Arriving at Pancur post, we need to park any vehicles we ride on.

2. 4WD Hire to Plengkung Beach (G-Land)
To reach Plengkung beach or well known as G-Land where the best surfing spots are there we need to to walk trough the rain forest  for about 1 hour. The other option we could get a 4WD hire from Pancur post. The driver will take us there and wait for us till came back.

Things to See
Alas Purwo National Park offered a complete attractions, wildlife, sport, nature, even culture and history. Sadengan a greeny savana for some wild habitants live their lifes, for surf lovers go to G-Land or Plengkung Beach is a must as you will find the best wave ever in the world. Inside the park laid down some old sacred temples and caves.

Where to Sleep
In Sadengan Savana the only accommodation available is provided by PHKA POS that managed by the park officers that will cost about IDR 150.000 / Night for the basic room. G-Land area has more options, there are two well known surfing camps Joyo's Surf Camp and Bobby Surf Camp. Mostly they make a package including surfing course and facilities.

:: Travel Cost ::
Motorbike Rent - IDR 75.000 (24 Hours)
Fuel - IDR 50.000 (Go and Back)
Entry Fees - IDR 5.000 or IDR 150.000 (Foreigner)
4WD Hire - IDR 250.000 (Go and Back)

:: Travel Notes ::
Bring rain coat as it is easily got rain in the forest
Buy enough drinking water and meal
Best visit between June - October

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Complete Bus Schedule From Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi Bus Schedule
Bus Company

Price (IDR)
Sandi Putra
06.50, 07.40, 09.20

Sandi Putra
13.15, 14.40, 17.45


19.00, 19.45, 20.45, 22.05

Note :
* All the bus will take a stop over in Jember-Pasuruan-Probolinggo.
* There is no official ticket counter at the station, just pay to the driver on the bus.
* All the buses above are depart from Brawijaya Bus Station in Banyuwangi.

Bus Company

Price (IDR)
11.36, 13.15, 13.58, 15.00

16.00, 16.29, 16.57, 17.37

14.20, 14.45, 15.20

17.20, 18.30

Note :
* All the bus will take a stop over in Jember-Pasuruan-Probolinggo-Surabaya-Solo.
* There is no official ticket counter at the station, just pay to the driver on the bus.
* All the buses above are depart from Brawijaya Bus Station in Banyuwangi.
* There is no price information provided, estimated cost less than IDR 250.000

Bus Company

Price (IDR)

16.00, 16.29, 16.57, 17.37

14.20, 14.45, 15.20

17.20, 18.30

Note :
* All the bus will take a stop in Ubung Bus Station in Bali
* There is no official ticket counter at the station, just pay to the driver on the bus.
* All the buses above are depart from Brawijaya Bus Station in Banyuwangi.
* There is no price information provided, estimated cost less than IDR 100.000 including the ferry ticket

Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to Get From Malang to Banyuwangi by Train

Malang - Probolinggo - Banyuwangi by Train
Malang became one of the base for reaching Mount Bromo, most of people do Bromo from Malang side as the city itself quite relaxing due to its atmosphere. To move out from Malang there are some options, on this post we will write about train that could be the easiest and cheapest option that travelers could be considered.

Train name "Tawang Alun" leaves daily from Malang Train Station to its final destination Banyuwangi. On the way travel it will stop over in Probolinggo, it is economic class train that will cost IDR 65.000 for all destination. The train depart from Malang at 05.55 pm, will be reaching Probolinggo at 6.45 pm, then finally reaching Banyuwangi at 11.30 pm.

:: Malang (05.55 pm) ==> Probolinggo (06.45 pm) ==> Banyuwangi (11.30 pm) ::
Malang Train Station - Location

Attention : If you want to stay at Kampung Osing Inn, please get off at Karangasem Train Station (One station earlier before Banyuwangi Baru Station). Contact us for arranging pick up from Karangasem.
Note : Schedule and price could be changed anytime without further information, please recheck availability, recent price and schedule at Click Here

Book A Room at Kampung Osing Inn - Promos and Discount Click Here : http://www.kampungosing.com/search/label/Promos?max-results=6

Friday, February 19, 2016

Ostic House - Budget Hostel in Yogyakarta

Located in the heart of beautiful Yogyakarta, OstiC House Offer you a friendly, clean, and comfortable accomodation at affordable prices. It takes a 5-minute walk to Prawirotaman Street (Traveller's area), and a 15-minute drive to famed and lively Malioboro Street. Getting to Adisucipto International Airport will take 30 minutes by car. We provide free one way pick up service from Train Station for 4 nights stay or from the Airport for 6 nights stay.


Super size single bed, AC, Shared Bathroom Hot Water, Breakfast
3 Queen size bed, AC, Private Bathroom Hot Water, TV, Breakfast
A Queen size bed, AC, Private Bathroom Hot Water, Breakfast
Super size single bed, AC, Shared Bathroom Hot Water, Breakfast
A Queen size bed, AC, Private Bathroom Hot Water, Breakfast


- 24 Hours Reception
- Free WiFI and Public Computer
- Free clean towel, blanket, and locker
- Free tea, coffee, and mineral water
- Pick up service from train station and airport (extra cost applied)
- Laundry service
- Car and motorbike rental



For reservation you can send us a message and fill out the room type and check in date, our staff will reply you with the latest room availability and prices.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How To Get To Kawah Ijen Independently

As main tourist attraction in Banyuwangi, Kawah Ijen is a must to be visited. There are many options to do Kawah Ijen, the easiest way is going to book the tour in some operators. Going by tour probably be the best option for traveler that want to have everything well organized. 

Some travelers are prefer to do it by their own way for some reasons like tight budget or want to have time flexibility for their visit. Independent travel to Kawah Ijen could be challenging as it is not as easy as written on your Lonely Planet Book. Here we write about the options to do Kawah Ijen Independently without a tour.

1. Motorbike Rent Self Riding - IDR 75.000 / 24 Hours
Going by your own motorbike could be the cheapest way to get to Kawah Ijen, we can't say it would be easy to do that but practically it is doable. Most of our guests who went by motorbike riding found their way easily.
Attention : Along the way to Kawah Ijen is only one straight road until Paltuding Pos, practically you will not get lost. What you need to do is follow the path and signs.
Tips : The path to Kawah Ijen was good with pavement, but it will be dark along the way, steep at some points, and easily land slide happen at rainy season. For your own safety please make sure you are get used to ride motorbike on Indonesian road, you do not have vision difficulties, and make sure your motorbike at its best performance.
2. Motorbike Riding (Ojek) - IDR 200.000 (Go and Back)
For travelers who do not able to ride motorbike by yourself and still want to do Kawah Ijen with budget friendly, try to get the by Ojek. Somebody will ride the motorbike along the way then you just sit on the back of him.
Attention : Make sure you get an ojek rider that familiar about Kawah Ijen, for your safety ask him to provide you good condition helmet. Finally do not pay him in advance, only pay when you arrive back safely.
Tips : Before going back from Kawah Ijen, please take a break for a while unless to drink coffee or coke. It will help you to stay awake during your way back. It would be dangerous if you fall asleep on the motorbike.
3. Sulfur Truck Hitch Hiking - IDR ???
sulfur truck to kawah ijen
Sufur Truck to Ijen
There is another challenging way to go Kawah Ijen, hitch hike to sulfur miner truck. This truck available mostly in the morning about 7 am, it used to transfer sulfur workers. It will depart from sulfur company called PT. Candi Ngrimbi that located at a last village at the base of Kawah Ijen called Desa Tamansari. A second truck from Tamansari available about noon around 11 am, for sulfur worker the company charge them for 10.000 IDR per person. As you are a foreigner you could negotiate with the driver how much money they want, because there is no fix price. Treat them few pack of cigarette also worth for them.
Attention : The truck has no fix departure schedule, as it really depend on site condition. The schedule we provided was as a result of short interview with the workers. Mostly there is no truck on Friday. 
 Tips : For coming back from Kawah Ijen you could take the same truck, it will depart about noon but sometimes could be late as it wait the truck full of sulfur.
 4. 4WD Rent - IDR 600.000 (Go and Back)
If you travel with group of friends, probably you also need to consider to rent 4WD Car. Mostly it will cost IDR 600.000 for the whole car, it could fit for 6 persons inside. If you are quite small size person you could make it 7 in the car. The price is include driver, fuel, and parking fee.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

7 Things To Be Prepared For Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen become first attraction in Banyuwangi that mostly visited by tourists due to its natural beauty which rare to be found in other volcanoes in Indonesia. Despite of its beauty, Kawah Ijen could become one of the worst place to be visited because of its worst condition.

We took a look and collect some information about this volcano, then we summarize them on this post for providing best practice you need to prepare before hiking Kawah Ijen.

1. Safety Requirement, Gas Mask and Goggle
Kawah Ijen has a the most acid lake in this planet that has zero acid level, it caused by the sulphur gas that produce every second. Sulphur gas was bad for lungs and eyes as it was very toxic, so proper gas mask is a must to bring on hand. It is not a normal cloth mask with green color that usually sold in supermarket because it will not help at all. To protect your eyes you could bring goggle with you. Some workers rent gas mask for about 50.000 per unit.

2. Bring an Orange, Seriously an Orange ?
It is not a must to bring an orange, but it will be very helpful. We do not really eat the orange, what we importantly need is it's skin. Grab small pieces of orange skin then put it inside your gas mask close to your nose. It will neutralize the smell from the sulfur gas, finally you will breath easily. Additional stuffs to bring on hand, a bottle of water and small snacks.

3. Proper Trekking Gear
You will hike quite tough volcano anyway, the all track dominated by solids and rocks that could be slippery in any way moreover at rainy season. Proper trekking shoes will help to hike easier, make sure it has good grip on it. 
As most people will hike for the blue flame at midnight, you have to prepare headlight and warm clothes to wear on. It will be cold and windy on top of the volcano.

4. A Small Money or A Gift

Sulfur Souvenir in awah Ijen
Souvenir from Sulfur
Kawah Ijen is not more than be a tourist attraction, it is also a place for some local people hang their family life on by being "Sulfur Tansporter". It was very very hard job to do and you are entering their work territory. So be more respectful with them by giving the first priority to pass by as they carry very heavy load of sulfur. Give them some snacks, cigarette, or just buy the souvenir they made to show them some respect and appreciation.

5. Amount of Money, Entry Fee
Kawah Ijen Entry Fee
Kawah Ijen Entry Fee
Bring some cash with you. For entering the park every visitor need to pay entrance fee that cost varied depend on which citizen you are and what kind of identity you are having. For most Foreign tourists entry fee will cost IDR 100.000 will come up to IDR 150.000 on weekend and public holiday. Meanwhile for local tourists (Indonesia Citizen) will cost IDR 15.000 on weekend, yes it would be cheaper for sure on the weekdays. If you are a KITAS holder you can negotiate with the officer if you could get local price or not. It is not always working as it depend on your negotiation skill, few officers are real tough to be asked to accept discount for KITAS holder.

6. Fully Charged Camera, Extra Memory Card Also A Good Idea
Make sure you bring fully charged camera and check the spare space on your memory card. It is not a big deal to be prepared for the hike, but sometime it would be stressful if you found out your camera battery is about to die or maybe your memory card out of space to store all pictures. Do not let these things happen, fully charged your battery bring another extra battery or memory card will be great.

7. Take More Caution On Your Current Condition
Last but not least, Travel Safely. You will hike quite tough volcano with rough condition, so take more caution for your own physical condition moreover for traveler who has breathing difficulties. Do not push your yourself to go on when you doubt with your own condition. Last tips, " do not over selfies". Watch your path out, do not put your eyes only for your smartphone. You are on one of The Most Dangerous Indonesian Volcano, a little carelessness could matter big problem for you.

They are some tips for you guys who want to hike Kawah Ijen, hope that it was useful. Any Query about Kawah Ijen just simply write it down on comment box below. Happy Travel :)

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