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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Where To Stay In Banyuwangi, Homestay or Hotel ?

BANYUWANGI - A massive tourism advertisement done by government made a great significant impact, " increasing almost 10% in 2018 and it would be consistently increasing every year " (Data resources by : Indonesian Statistic Center). More tourists came to Banyuwangi also made a great impact in tourism businesses, mainly accommodation providers. There were many new hotels and homestays in the area, and we were as tourists would have more options to stay.

Today's blog about, " Where To Stay In Banyuwangi, Homestay or Hotel ? ". We would try to compare between Homestay and Hotel. Finally we found 5 important facts that become reasons to consider to choose the best accommodation for your visit in Banyuwangi.

1. Pricing And Facilities

Price is matter, it could be the first matter whether to stay at homestay or hotel in Banyuwangi. We have searched on, found that basic homestay cost from IDR 100.000/Night and hotel price started from IDR 450.000/Night with better facilities.
Place To Stay In Banyuwangi, Comparison Homestay and Hotel

Hotels are managed by big hotel chain with lots of money for investment so that they could offer guest luxurious facilities such swimming pool or western style restaurant even spacious ballroom. Hotels also have more room types with private bathroom, meanwhile most of homestays has basic room with shared bathroom.

2. Guest's Experiences

Homestay mostly owned and managed by a family, that family would be also host and welcome guests. Staying at the homestay will give guests authentic experience by talking with locals, their habit, culture, and knowledge about the area.

Hotel offer a professional service experience provided by well trained staffs, do not expect too much to have some personal talks with them as they have many things to do list. They will not really get in touch personally to the guests who stay in a hotel, even they will not remember your name.

3. Length Of Stay

Kampung Osing Inn established on 2013, we were the pioneer and the first homestay type accommodation in Banyuwangi. We have hosted many travellers came from many countries, we found out that 95% of our guests only stay 1 night only to visit Kawah Ijen. Short sleep before hiking to  Kawah Ijen at midnight. It was kind of waste money to pay for 4 stars hotel or luxurious resort to sleep only 2-4 hours. For us personally, it would be wise that we stay in homestay and save more money. 

4. Complimentary Services and Communication

Other things that need also be considered before choosing a place to stay in Banyuwangi, Does The Accommodation have Other Complimentary Services ?
These are important as guests also need easy way to organize their visit in Banyuwangi, like rent a car or driver, tour arrangement, ticket service , and some advise about the area.

Most of those services are well provided in a hotel, some homestay could help guest to arrange tours but not all of them. Sometimes it was a problem to communicate with a local family who runs the homestay.

5. Booking Method

Guests need instant confirmation when booking a room, no need to  make a phone call or send a personal whatsapp to ask about the availability. Hotel has all the technology to do that, just few clicks to book a room online on their website. 

Book a homestay need more effort to call the owner, there is no way to book the room online as most of them have no website.

Conclusion and advise

For guests who make visit to Kawah Ijen as a main goal, stay at the homestay could be a good option to save money. Moreover you will arrive quite late evening so that you do not use the room so much because Kawah Ijen hike started midnight. Just make sure you made a reservation or call the owner in advance and inform them about your arrival time to make sure no hassle for checking in late.

Kampung Osing Inn - A family homestay and budget friendly accommodation in town,  do not waste your time by making phone call to ask availability. Book Online now on our official website ( and get 20% Off and more benefits.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Easiest And Cheapest Way To Get To Banyuwangi - Kampung Osing Inn


This is the best, cheapest, and reliable option to get to Banyuwangi, we have punctual train all are connected around Java area. It is more comfortable with Air Conditioner, more secure securities available on the train, and they have restaurant also.

From Yogyakarta
Our favourite is SRITANJUNG TRAIN, it is economic direct train which depart from Lempuyangan Train Station in Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi. On the way this train will stop over in Surabaya and Probolinggo, so if you want to head to Mt. Bromo you could also take this train. It will depart from Yogyakarta at 6.30 am and will arrive Banyuwangi at 8.15 pm.

From Surabaya
Trains from Surabaya to Banyuwangi have more options, you could take SRITANJUNG TRAIN which is coming from Yogyakarta. It will be ready to depart from Surabaya at 02.00 pm.

Another option is taking MUTIARA TIMUR SIANG which available at 8.30 am, it has a business and executive class which cost a bit more expensive than economic but you will get better services and facilities.

From Malang And Probolinggo
Leaving from Malang Kota Train Station at 4.00 pm, It is economic class train name TAWANGALUN and will arrive Banyuwangi late evening 11.30 pm.

Trains from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi are available at 6.15 am, 11.00 am, 04.00 pm, and last at 07.00 pm. The price is started from IDR 35.000 - 150.000 / Person.

How To Get To Kampung Osing Inn From Train Station

The closest train station from our place is KARANGASEM TRAIN STATION, it is one station earlier before BANYUWANGI BARU. It will take about 5 minutes drive from the train station, you can get a bemo (yellow color van) or an ojek (motorbike) which cost IDR 15.000/Person.


Coming from Denpasar area would be challenging, slow public bus from Denpasar to Gilimanuk could take about 5 hours drive. The ferries are quite often, almost every 10 - 15 minutes there will be a ferry cross to Java from Gilimanuk, the ferry ticket is not so expensive IDR 15.000 - 20.000 / Person.

Arriving at Ketapang harbour (Java Side), you can take a cab or bemo (yellow or blue color van) which available outside the ferry port. It would cost roughly from IDR 50.000 - 75.000 for to persons to take you from Ketapang to Banyuwangi city center or Kampung Osing Inn.

Travel Tips :

Buy the ferry ticket only from official ticket counter to get a real price, because there will be bunch of people try to scam and sell you more expensive ticket.


Sunday, March 26, 2017

5 Hidden Spots Around Kawah Ijen Must Be Visited

1. Blawan Acid Hot Spring And Waterfall

It is located in Bondowoso region, close to Catimore Homestay about 1 hour drive from Kawah Ijen base. Blawan area has acid waterfall and natural hot spring which came from acid water lake of Kawah Ijen.

How To Get There ?

As there is no public transport to get there from Banyuwangi, the only way is hire a private car and driver. The best time to get there is after hiking Kawah Ijen, 1 hour drive to Blawan and relax on the hotspring after very exhausted hike. Enjoy a cup of Arabica Coffee, just buy one to the small coffee shop close by the hot spring.
Blawan Waterfall And Hotspring

The waterfall itself located just few meters walk from the hotspring, its water is yellow and acid because it is coming from the water lake at Kawah Ijen.

Kampung Osing Inn has a complete package which include Room + Kawah Ijen Tour + Visit Blawan Hot Spring, it is cheaper and hassle free by booking the package.

2. Kalipahit Acid River

It is located 2 km away from Paltuding post on the same way to get to Blawan Waterfall, the water is greeny and acid. The river is flowing from Kawah Ijen lake and going trough the villagers nearby, few years ago the acid level of the river was highly increasing which caused some problems for the villagers as the river used by locals for daily needs such washing, irrigation, etc. If you are lucky you can meet with black panther drinking the water river.

Kalipahit Acid River

3. Sunrise View Point

There is a certain spot to see very good sunrise at the top of Kawah Ijen, not many tourists and tour guides know about this spot. The view also would be depend on the weather condition, if you book our tour package for Kawah Ijen our tour guide will show you where to see and enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

Kawah Ijen Sunrise View Point

4. Blambangan Sulfur Processing Unit

Located hidden in the remote area surrounded by coffee trees, it is a processing unit that is not open for public visit. We could bring you to visit the processing unit to give you a whole idea about how sulfur will be transported and processed.

5. Kawah Ijen Water Dam

This is the most amazing spot ever in Kawah Ijen, also the hardest one. There was no certain path, we go further in to the forest to find a way. It was a limited access spot, only volcanologies have a regular access to get here.
Kawah Ijen View From Dam


5 Easy Ways To Go Kawah Ijen Independently

Kawah Ijen has become No.1 place to be visited when you are in Banyuwangi, almost everyday hundred of tourists do hiking for Kawah Ijen. Limited information about how to get there safely and easily became a problem for some visitors. Here we wrote some possibilities how to go to Kawah Ijen :

1. Hire Jeep With A Driver (Highly Recommended)

This is the best and safest way to get to Kawah Ijen, hiring a jeep with a driver is the best option. A driver has complete experiences and knowledge about the path to Kawah Ijen, so your safety will be his top priority. 

Jeep Hire including the driver and fuel mostly cost for IDR 700.000 / Car (6 Seats) , It will include pick up and drop off from your hotel. Here at Kampung Osing Inn we have a package for Jeep + Room which cost cheaper if you book together at once, it will includes :
  • - Free pick up from Banyuwangi area
  • - Free drop off to Banyuwangi area
  • - Bonus visit to Jagir Waterfall on the way back from Kawah Ijen


2. Rent A  Motorbike - Self Ride (Possible but Not Recommended)

It is also possible to get to Kawah Ijen by motorbike, the road is good and always sign along the way up so you won't get lost anyway. Rent motorbike could be the cheapest way to get to Kawah Ijen but it has the biggest risk of accident. We do not recommend to ride motorbike for you who are not get used to ride for it.

Risks :
  • - Night Riding , Ride to get to Kawah Ijen base for 1.5 hours in the middle of the night
  • - Over Exhausted , Have to be more careful  to ride back in tired and sleepy condition
  • - No Insurance, If there is a broken part of motorbike because of guest fault need to be paid
Benefits :
  • - Very cheap , motorbike rent cost IDR 75.000/Day ; estimated fuel consumption IDR 20.000

3. Hire An Ojek Rider -  (Recommended for solo traveler)

This could be an option for solo traveler, it is going by motorbike but someone will ride for you so it is more safe than self riding. Ojek to Kawah Ijen mostly cost IDR 250.000 / person (go and back). 

How To Arrange For It ?

If you stay at Kampung Osing Inn, we can help you to arrange ojek to Kawah Ijen. We know some reliable and experienced ojek rider to take you to Kawah Ijen safely.

4. Order A Grab Or GoCar -  (Not Working For Kawah Ijen )

Here we share our guest experienced who stay at our place, they want to go to Kawah Ijen by ordering Grab as that is the cheapest option IDR 185.000 / One Way. We tried to explained them clearly that Grab is not working to be applied to get to Kawah Ijen.

The story continued, they booked Grab 12.30 am. Yes, the driver was coming in few minutes.

But... He wanted to cancel the order because with IDR 185.000 would not covered operational cost and proposed a new price for about IDR 500.000 which was more expensive for only one way.

They were arguing each other with no solution and it was already too late for us to arrange another jeep driver for them. 

So they paid for that amount because there is no other option in the middle of the night.

Conclusions :
It is not possible to book Grab / GoCar to go to Kawah Ijen for a fair price or same price showed on the mobile app. 

5. Hitch Hike Sulfur Truck  -  (Working But Not Really Rocemmended )

For adventure seekers, this could be the best option we could recommend. You can hitch hike this truck (usually used to transport workers and sulfur rocks), it leaves every day except friday in the morning at 6.00 AM from sulfur warehouse ( Address : Desa Tamansari, Licin)

sulfur truck to kawah ijen
Kawah Ijen Sulfur Truck

How Much Do We Pay ?

There was no certain price to pay, just buy them cigarette maybe 2 packs to share with the workers on the truck and they will be very happy to invite you to join.

Hassles :

It would be quite hard to get to the warehouse in time from the city center as there is no public transportation to get the area. Just find an accommodation nearby Tamansari or Licin area to make the plan easier.

To get back from Kawah Ijen, you still can also go by this truck. It leaves back to warehouse with no fix time schedule, it leaves when the truck full load of sulfur.

Want To Know More About How To Get There ?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Top Five Places To Visit In Banyuwangi

Summer holiday is about to begin, Is Java on your travel bucket list? so you have to visit Banyuwangi for sure. The region has lots of natural attractions and they are amazing. Here are some places  to put on your list to explore when visiting Banyuwangi.

Kawah Ijen is your top on a list, this is probably the most acid volcanoes in Indonesia that produces tons of sulfur everyday. The main attraction of this place is "Blue Flame", it is a natural combustion of sulfur that coming from deep part of the volcano. The flame is everlasting flame, but it could be only seen when the sky completely dark. That means you have to start the hike at midnight. Hike to Kawah Ijen will take about 1.5 hours trough moderate hiking track, quite steep at some part so you need to manage your energy along the way up. Kawah Ijen also have a beautiful greeny lake and super power sulfur carriers. They carry 60 Kg - 80 Kg of sulfur stone by handmade bamboo basket to be carried on their shoulder, they carry it all the way up from the crater bottom. These guys are real superman.


Teluk Hijau or well known as Green Bay, a remote exotic bay located at Pesanggaran district 90 Km away to the south of Banyuwangi about 3 hours drive. The bay has very clear green water and brownish sand. You could just relax and enjoy the peaceful of Green Bay, swimming, trekking to the waterfall, or you also hire boat from local fishermen to take you explore the bay (IDR 50.000 / Person).

Pulau Merah located exactly at Pesanggaran district, approximately 2 hours drive or by public bus. This beach is so relaxing, just lay down on the shore and enjoy the sunset. When the water is in under normal level, you could go to the small island over the sea. Local fishermen offer boat service to take you there anyway. Red Island also become a surfer paradise, yearly surfing competition held here.

Baluran is well known as African Van Java, you can do jeep safari tour around the park. Jungle safari in Baluran was an amazing experience, evergreen rain forest along the way trough the park, birds watching, snorkeling at Bama beach also could be an option. Baluran is well known for its stunning sunrise, for sunrise viewing you need to overnight inside the park.

G-Land is a part of Alas Purwo National Park, at the south of Banyuwangi that needs about 4 hours drive to get there. Best time to go surfing at G-Land between Juli - September, these months are the highest wave will come to be challenged. Alas Purwo National Park also has greeny savana called Sadengan, this is could be another option when visiting the area.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Choose Proper Gas Mask For Kawah Ijen ?

A Gas mask is very crucial requirement to bring for every visitor who intend to hike Kawah Ijen. There are few type of gas masks available nowadays, the most important is the safety reason for the user as you will be on the most acidic and toxic volcano in Indonesia. So give more attention for this issue

1. Cloth Type Gas Mask
It is the cheapest and easiest gas mask to get, there are many of them in mini market (Indomaret and Alfamart) even in a small shops. But using this mask could be the worst idea ever, it is so thin so can't handle the sulfur gas that has smaller particle size.

2. Rider Type Gas Mask
It is better than the cloth one, some of them has active carbon that could absorb chemical stuffs within macro size. It is helpful to use for motorbike riding to prevent from dust, volcanic ashes, but it still can't stand to prevent the sulfur gas as it has smaller particle size.

3. Industrial Type Gas Mask
This type of gas mask is the best option as it is well design gas mask for hazardous working condition under chemical environment. Using this gas mask may cause no any problem against the smelly toxic sulfur gas of Kawah Ijen.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

7 Things To Be Prepared For Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen become first attraction in Banyuwangi that mostly visited by tourists due to its natural beauty which rare to be found in other volcanoes in Indonesia. Despite of its beauty, Kawah Ijen could become one of the worst place to be visited because of its worst condition.

We took a look and collect some information about this volcano, then we summarize them on this post for providing best practice you need to prepare before hiking Kawah Ijen.

1. Safety Requirement, Gas Mask and Goggle

Kawah Ijen has a the most acid lake in this planet that has zero acid level, it caused by the sulphur gas that produce every second. Sulphur gas was bad for lungs and eyes as it was very toxic, so proper gas mask is a must to bring on hand. It is not a normal cloth mask with green color that usually sold in supermarket because it will not help at all. To protect your eyes you could bring goggle with you. Some workers rent gas mask for about 50.000 per unit.

2. Bring an Orange, Seriously an Orange ?

It is not a must to bring an orange, but it will be very helpful. We do not really eat the orange, what we importantly need is it's skin. Grab small pieces of orange skin then put it inside your gas mask close to your nose. It will neutralize the smell from the sulfur gas, finally you will breath easily. Additional stuffs to bring on hand, a bottle of water and small snacks.\

3. Proper Trekking Gear

You will hike quite tough volcano anyway, the all track dominated by solids and rocks that could be slippery in any way moreover at rainy season. Proper trekking shoes will help to hike easier, make sure it has good grip on it. 
As most people will hike for the blue flame at midnight, you have to prepare headlight and warm clothes to wear on. It will be cold and windy on top of the volcano.

4. A Small Money or A Gift

Sulfur Souvenir in awah Ijen
Souvenir from Sulfur
Kawah Ijen is not more than be a tourist attraction, it is also a place for some local people hang their family life on by being "Sulfur Tansporter". It was very very hard job to do and you are entering their work territory. So be more respectful with them by giving the first priority to pass by as they carry very heavy load of sulfur. Give them some snacks, cigarette, or just buy the souvenir they made to show them some respect and appreciation.

5. Amount of Money, Entry Fee

Kawah Ijen Entry Fee
Kawah Ijen Entry Fee
Bring some cash with you. For entering the park every visitor need to pay entrance fee that cost varied depend on which citizen you are and what kind of identity you are having. For most Foreign tourists entry fee will cost IDR 100.000 will come up to IDR 150.000 on weekend and public holiday. Meanwhile for local tourists (Indonesia Citizen) will cost IDR 15.000 on weekend, yes it would be cheaper for sure on the weekdays. If you are a KITAS holder you can negotiate with the officer if you could get local price or not. It is not always working as it depend on your negotiation skill, few officers are real tough to be asked to accept discount for KITAS holder.

6. Fully Charged Camera, Extra Memory Card Also A Good Idea

Make sure you bring fully charged camera and check the spare space on your memory card. It is not a big deal to be prepared for the hike, but sometime it would be stressful if you found out your camera battery is about to die or maybe your memory card out of space to store all pictures. Do not let these things happen, fully charged your battery bring another extra battery or memory card will be great.

7. Take More Caution On Your Current Condition

Last but not least, Travel Safely. You will hike quite tough volcano with rough condition, so take more caution for your own physical condition moreover for traveler who has breathing difficulties. Do not push your yourself to go on when you doubt with your own condition. Last tips, " do not over selfies". Watch your path out, do not put your eyes only for your smartphone. You are on one of The Most Dangerous Indonesian Volcano, a little carelessness could matter big problem for you.

They are some tips for you guys who want to hike Kawah Ijen, hope that it was useful. Any Query about Kawah Ijen just simply write it down on comment box below. 



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