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Showing posts with label Probolinggo. Show all posts

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour [Pick up from Probolinggo]


Overland tour for Kawah Ijen with a pick up from Probolinggo or Cemara Lawang area. Pick up would be using a private car for your comfort and privacy. Guests also could change a private car into public train for cheaper price, we will book the ticket for you.


- Pick up from Probolinggo by private car or train ticket from Probolinggo
- One night accommodation in Kampung Osing Inn
- Tour guide
- Entrance fee
- Car transfer to Kawah Ijen
- Drop off Banyuwangi area
- Breakfast


Day 1
- Pick up from Probolinggo or Cemara Lawang Area or taking train from Probolinggo Train Station
- Drive to Banyuwangi estimated need 6 hours
- Check in at Kampung Osing Inn

Day 2
- Early in the morning around 12.30 am, get ready for Kawah Ijen Night Trekk 
- Drive to Kawah Ijen base, 1 hour drive
- Hike Kawah Ijen for blue flame, sunrise, and sulfur mining activities 
- Breakfast at Kampung Osing Inn 
- Drop off Banyuwangi area
- End of services


* One night stay at Kampung Osing, you will get 1 room for 2 persons sleeping
** Entrance fee included in the price IDR 100.000 (Weekdays) - IDR 150.000 (Weekend)
*** Extra IDR 50.000 / Person for weekend and public holiday

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For More Detail, Pricing, and Reservation

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Overland Package [Probolinggo-Bromo-Kawah Ijen]


Overland tour with private car along the way go, no rush and enjoy your time by stopping anywhere you want to.


- Pick up from Probolinggo (Train Station, Bus Station, and Hotel)*
- Car transportation
- Jeep for Mt. Bromo
- Tour Guide
- All entrance fee, parking, and toll fee
- One night accommodation in Bromo**
- One night accommodation in Kampung Osing Inn
- 2 Breakfast included
- Drop off at Ketapang Ferry


Day 1
- Pick up from Probolinggo (Train Station, Bus Station, and Hotel)
- Drive to Cemara Lawang (2 hours)
- Check in to guesthouse
- Free activities

Day 2
- Jeep ride to Penanjakan View Point for sunrise
- Hike Mt. Bromo crater by walk
- Breakfast
- Drive to Banyuwangi, 6-7 hours car drive
- Check in to Kampung Osing Inn

Day 3
- Drive to Paltuding Pos (Kawah Ijen Base) at 12.30 AM
- Hike Kawah Ijen to see blue flame, sunrise, and sulfur mining activities
- Breakfast at Kampung Osing Inn
- Drop off to Ketapang Ferry
- End of Service


* Time and place for pick up need further confirmation
** Default accommodation at a guesthouse in Bromo, can be upgraded or change to hotel


For More Detail, Pricing, and Reservation

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bromo Sunrise Tour [Standalone Package]

Java's most visited volcanoe, the sunrise, volcanoe itself is on perfect settings. Flanked by the peak of Kursi, Batok, and Java's highest peak of Semeru (3676 m). Start your tour from Surabaya then 4 hours drive to reach Probolinggo area to check in to your hotel. Heading to Cemara Lawang area at 2 am to start our trekk to Penanjakan peak. Two hours tiring walk will be rewarding by tremendous Bromo landscape over the sunrise and thick white cloud make the view so mystically amazing. Walk across the cabbage field and sandy hill to reach Bromo are, then prepare your stamina left to hike Bromo up and walk back to your hotel.


Day 1

  • Picking up at meeting point (Tell us which city you want to start from)
  • Driving to Probolinggo city area
  • Check in to Hotel
  • Free program ( local warung available around the hotel area)
  • Taking a sleep well

Day 2

  • Heading to Bromo area
  • Trekking to Mt.Penanjakan
  • Sunrise & Bromo magnificient view
  • Across trough sand sea and cabbage field
  • Bromo hike up
  • Transfer to your next destination
  • End of service

Things To Note

Tour Duration : 2 Days
Tour Departure : Available from Surabaya, Probolinggo, and Banyuwangi City

Terms and Conditions

  • Pick up place available in Surabaya, Probolinggo, and Banyuwangi City (Airport, Ferry Harbor, Train Station, and Hotels)
  • Basic accommodation one night include in the package
  • Payment will be done by cash upon arrival (20% deposit to confirm the booking

Contact us for more detail and pricing

Sunday, December 3, 2017

How To Do East Java In 3 Days [Only Three Days]

Java is an island where most people are concentrated, a place which has the best development and a place where big cities are exist. It is easier to travel in Java compare other islands in Indonesia, we have trains, international airport, 24 hours ferry connection, and well road connection.

East Java is not so popular than West Java or Central Java which has stunning old temple as one of World's Heritage, but visit the east could become a highlight of your travel. Here we will share a tips how to do East Java in three days..


The easiest city to start your East Java adventure is Surabaya, as it has all facilities you need. On this post we will mostly travel by train, as  it is cheaper and punctual. Let's say, we have already in Surabaya now and want to get a train to Surabaya Gubeng Train Station. There are two options of trains that we could get on :

Mutiara Timur Siang - recommended

This train has two different classes (Executive and Business Class), departure at 08.30 AM from Surabaya Gubeng and arrival at Banyuwangi 03.00 PM. It is the best option train as it arrive before evening, so that we can have more time to recover from jetlag and recover our body before hiking Kawah Ijen. Price Range IDR 100.000 - 200.000

Sritanjung - last option

The last option is getting Sritanjung Train which depart from Surabaya Gubeng Train Station at 01.30 PM then arrival in Banyuwangi 08.45 PM. This train is economic class only, which cost IDR 100.000

Staying at Kampung Osing Inn

Arriving at Banyuwangi, we need one night stay here just for a short sleep before going to hike Kawah Ijen at the same night. We have cheap room and the best service for guests, free WiFi, tasty breakfast, unlimited drinking water and coffee, also we have knowledgeable staff about the area.

We also able to help you to arrange your Kawah Ijen hike with excellent service at the fair price.

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Leaving for Kawah Ijen at midnight, see the blue flame, sunrise, and the sulfur mining activities. We need to finish all the activities around 7 AM, drive back to Kampung Osing Inn estimated time arrival at 8 AM. Get a quick breakfast and shower, then go to train station to catch 9.15 am train.

Arriving at Probolinggo Train Station, we need to take a yellow bemo (with D letter in front) to go to Bayuangga Bus Terminal. Then continue to take a public bus called Bison to go directly to Cemara Lawang. For the complete direction, pricing, and schedule, kindly check the post below :

Looking for accommodation in Cemara Lawang is super easy, there are plenty of cheap homestay for IDR 150.000 Per Night. Just go there, knock the door, negotiate the price with the owner. 

To go for Bromo sunrise, there are two options. You can just simply booked and share a jeep with other travelers or you could just do it by your own. For more details, kindly check this below link :


On the Day 3 after your Bromo sunrise adventure, we need to get back to Surabaya. This could be the last train travel we have to do, trains available twice in a day from Probolinggo at 11.00 am and 01.00 pm.

Any question about planning your travel to East Java, Don't be hesitate to reach us by email on contact us form which available on the webpage.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yogyakarta to Probolinggo Mount Bromo By Train

Train Yogyakarta to Probolinggo
Yogyakarta or shortly be called Yogya or Jogja become one of the most famous destinations in Java, it could be a must place to be visited during your travel in Java. Borobudur, Prambanan, Mount Merapi, are places to explore in Yogyakarta beside it's culture. After visiting Yogyakarta, the classic route is going to Mt. Bromo in Probolinggo. A problem come out, "WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET TO PROBOLINGGO WITHOUT A TOUR ?". This post we featured travel by train from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo, WHY TRAIN ?

  1. COMFORTABLE - All train in any classes are provided by AC, Food Wagon, and Toilet.
  2. RELIABLE - Compare with bus or private car, train is more reliable to arrive on time.
  3. CHEAPER Cheaper, you can go to probolinggo from Yogya (400 Km for IDR 74.000).
OK,, Straight to the main topic,,,

There are three possibilities train to be taken from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo which describe by the above pictures. Things you have to note, Yogyakarta has two different stations name LEMPUYANGAN and TUGU (Located right in Malioboro). Lempuyangan Station is for Economic Class Train meanwhile Business/Executive Class will depart from Tugu Station.

The earliest available train from Lempuyangan Station (Departure 06.30 AM), it is economic class train which has route Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Probolinggo-Banyuwangi.

Second economic train from Lempuyangan Yogyakarta at 08.50 AM, it is also economic train but it is a direct train to Probolinggo not stop over in Surabaya.

A direct Business / Executive Train depart from TUGU STATION at 09.56 AM, it would cost for about IDR 300.000 for executive class.

You could book your train ticket online trough our website by clicking Ticket on menubar or simply click this link : http://www.kampungosing.com/p/tickets.html , We affiliate with Indonesian No.1 Travel agency so you will get the best price for your ticket.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

How To Get To Banyuwangi (Flight, Train, Bus, And Ferry)

Banyuwangi has a well connected transportation, you could get here from other part of Indonesia easily by flights, trains, buses, and ferries. Here we will write a post about "How To Get To Banyuwangi ?, Let's Rock... Arrrggghhh

Flight to Banyuwangi only availabe from Surabaya and Denpasar (Bali), flight operates by Garuda Airline and Lion Air twice in a day that takes time mostly at noon. All flights depart from Banyuwangi will be held from Blimbingsari Airport, it is one hour drive from Banyuwangi city center. So make sure you will arrive there in time, the best way to get to Blimbingsari Airport is by hiring a taxi as there is no public transportation available to go to the airport. Taxi will cost you approximately IDR 150.000, there is also airport bus operated by DAMRI from Blimbingsari Airport to the center.

Banyuwangi has well connected train, you could get there easily from other part of Java. Train is the second best option after flight, it is the most popular transportation for Indonesian. Nowadays, Indonesian trains have already improved a lot, more comfort as all trains are equipped by AC, more secure as there is always guards on the train, and cleaner. Here are trains that you could take to get to Banyuwangi :

Train From Yogyakarta To Banyuwangi
There is a direct train called SRITANJUNG which depart from Lempuyangan Train Station in Yogyakarta at 6.30 AM to Banyuwangi with arrival time 9.00 PM. It is economic long distance train that also make a stop at Surabaya, Probolinggo, Jember, and cost you for IDR 94.000.

Train From Surabaya To Banyuwangi
Train travel from Surabaya to Banyuwangi have more options, economic, business, and first class train leave daily from Surabaya Gubeng Train Station. Here the list :

  • Mutiara Timur Siang | Departure 08.30 am - Arrival 03.00 pm | From IDR 85.000 - 150.000
  • Sritanjung | Departure 01.15 pm - Arrival 09.00 pm | From IDR 94.000
  • Mutiara Timur Malam | Departure 10.00 pm - Arrival 05.00 am |  From IDR 100.000 - 180.000
Train From Malang To Banyuwangi

There is only one train available daily from Malang to Banyuwangi called Tawang Alun Train which depart at 3.45 pm then arrive in Banyuwangi at 11 pm (cost for IDR 65.000). Tawang Alun is an economic long distance train, equipped with AC and food court.

Travel by bus to get to Banyuwangi could be doable from most cities in Java such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Probolinggo, and Malang. What you need to concern is some busses will not go directly to Banyuwangi as it is a transit bus. Banyuwangi main bus station is "Terminal Brawijaya", located at Jalan Brawijaya about 10 minutes drive to the city center. Bus prices is varied depend on the departure city, Surabaya to Banyuwangi mostly cost IDR 150.000 / Person (AC and Direct Bus).


Ferries only connect between Bali and Banyuwangi, the ferries run 24 hours non stop which means there is always a ferry cross every 15 minutes. Actually it will need 45 minutes to cross, we have also traffic on sea that will make your crossing time take almost 1.5 hours. To cross by ferry will cost IDR 6.000 / Person, please buy the ticket at the official ticket counter to prevent scam practice.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to get to Mt. Bromo from Probolinggo

Bromo Map and Transportation List
Today i want to share a practical guide to reach Mount Bromo from one of closest city of Probolinggo. It is not only the closest base, but also the easiest way to get to Mount Bromo. Things you have to remember, Probolinggo could be the easiest way due to its transportation connectivity but your way will not be as easy as you thought because Probolinggo was famous with their organized scam by the local people.

Your starting point would be depend on how you get to Probolinggo either by train or public bus. Travel by train is more comfortable and less hassle, the one and only train station is Probolinggo Train StationArriving at the station you need to get a bemo, it is a public minivan with yellow color. Stop one of them at the side of the street and tell the driver to take you to Bayuangga Bus Terminala place where you will get the next public bus to reach Bromo.
Attention : Take a bemo with Letter D from train station to Bayuangga Bus Terminal, Normal price 5.000 IDR / Person meanwhile arrival by bus will stop directly at Bayuangga Bus Terminal
Tips : When you get off Probolinggo Train Station, please visit official Tourism Information just in front of the station to get latest update. It is managed by government, the officer there "Kholid" was nice and very informative "Kholid Facebook Page".

Get off the bemo you need to go further inside the bus terminal and find another minibus called Bison it is a special minibus which take a final destination to Cemara Lawang " a last point which close to Mount Bromo  area". It will take about 1.5 hours drive, but practically take longer due to waiting till the bison full of passengers.
Attention : Bison cost 35.000 IDR/Person till Cemara Lawang, it has 25 seats and the driver will only depart from the bus terminal with no empty seat or if you pay all the seat it will directly leaving. Last bison available until 4 pm.
Hassle : Our bemo driver drop us in front of the travel agencies, we were told that the only way to get to Cemara Lawang was renting their private car for 200.000 IDR/Person. When we asked about the bison they told they were not exist anymore. 
Tips : Do not trust any local people, they only try to get money as much as the could. "Trust other fellow travelers only". To find the bison just walk further inside bus terminal. If you can't stand waiting and waiting the bison leaving, you could try to negotiate with ojek. He could give a ride on motorbike to Cemara Lawang by paying about 200.000 IDR.

It will take approximately 1.5 hours drive to Cemara Lawang, the driver will probably offering you some cheap accommodation, jeep renting, even he will also advise you to stay at one of hotels or homestays. You could make a note of their offer but do not make a deal with them in a rush.
Attention : Look on the above map, some hotels are located downhill further from Cemara Lawang. Staying at downhill hotel will not give the best view of whole Bromo area. Hotel will give commission to  bison driver if they drop the passengers at their door.
Hassle :  Bison driver will try their best in order tourists book room in the hotel they recommend to get commission.
Tips : To avoid this practice, tell the bison driver that you already had a reservation at Cemara Indah Hotel. It is the closest hotel from Bromo, even you have whole Bromo landscape as your own yard. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Probolinggo to Banyuwangi by Bus

Cemara Lawang (Bromo) - Probolinggo
Mount Bromo in Probolinggo
Mount Bromo
Take a local bus called Bison to head to Probolinggo for about IDR 35.000 per-person, the bus accomodate 25 passenggers sometime you need to wait long enough until the bus full of passengers or the bus will not take you. Arriving to Bayuangga Bus Terminal you need to change transportation  by bus head to Banyuwangi. The first thing you need to keep remember thet "There is no direct bus Probolinggo-Banyuwangi", even the driver said so and the bus sign it will be a direct bus.

Probolinggo - Jember
Tell the driver that you will go to Jember, even they will tell you that their bus will go directly to Banyuwangi. I had a bad experience that the driver just drop us at Jember Bus Terminal and decide not take us to Banyuwangi as we deal before. We need to wait for more than 1 hour to take next bus to Banyuwangi. We complaint to the officer but they could do nothing, feel sorry we lost our money due to we need to pay extra for the next bus. Probolinggo - Jember is about IDR 30.000 per-person and make sure you get your backpack with you, do not ever put your backpack in the bus bagage.

Jember - Banyuwangi
Bus heading to Banyuwangi cost around IDR 30.000 per-person, the route was really terrifying. Hilly road with curve dominated by big car, when we were in the bus 3 times car accidents occured, sometimes the bus will get engine problem. Totally will take 6-7 hours from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi, but we took 9-10 hours and finally we arrive very late in Banyuwangi due to the engine problem of our bus.

Note :
The bus will stop at the bus station in Banyuwangi city centre namely Brawijaya Bus Station, it will not go to Ketapang ferry. You could take bemo or ojek to find accomodation to stay along the night.

Probolinggo to Banyuwangi by Train

Mount Bromo Cemara Lawang
On our previous post about How to Get to Bromo From Probolinggo, today our post is how to get  to Banyuwangi By Train Travel from Probolinggo. If you did Bromo before, what you need to do is getting to Probolinggo firstly. Getting to Probolinggo from Bromo just do the below instruction that practically follow the instruction on How to Get to Bromo From Probolinggo but in reverse. Here we summarize the instructions for you.

Cemara Lawang (Bromo) - Probolinggo
Take a local bus called Bison to head to Probolinggo for about IDR 35.000 per-person, the bus accomodate 25 passenggers sometime you need to wait long enough until the bus full of passengers or the bus will not take you. Arriving to Bayuangga Bus Terminal you need to change transportation  by local bemo with letter D in front of it (IDR 4.000 per-person) to take you to Probolinggo train station. If you prefer to go Banyuwangi by bus you could negotiate with bunch of bus driver available at the bus terminal. Check here for further information Probolinggo to Banyuwangi by bus

Train Name
Price (IDR)
Mutiara Timur Siang
11.00 am03.15 pm120.000
04.00 pm09.00 pm100.000
06.45 pm11.30 pm  65.000
Mutiara Timur Siang
Mutiara Timur Siang - IDR 120.000 per-person | BOOK NOW
A business class train take route from Surabaya-Probolinggo-Banyuwangi, this train will arrive at Probolinggo train station at around 11.00 am. You could buy the ticket in advance or buy it directly at the station if you are not sure about your departure time. The train will arrive Banyuwangi Baru Train Station at 03.15 pm, where the ferry port is only 5 minutes walk from it. Bus heading to Denpasar sometime available in front of the station, for you who want to go Denpasar i personally suggest to take this bus. Bus ticket IDR 75.000 per-person including the ferry ticket and equipped by Air Conditioner. For you who do not want to stop over in Banyuwangi, you could also book this train head to Denpasar. As we only have train trail in Java, the company will provide you executive class bus. The fee you paid for the train will include the bus fee, it really recommended for traveler who want to directly cross to Bali as it will be less hassle and scam. 

Sritanjung - IDR 100.000 per-person  | BOOK NOW
An economic air conditioning train available at Probolinggo train station around 4.30 pm and will be arrive Banyuwangi at 9.00 pm. It is better for you to stop at Karangasem train station due to it is closer to the city center. Hire a bemo or ojek to drive you to nearest accomodation rather than get directly to the ferry.

Tawangalun - IDR 65.000 per-person | BOOK NOW
Another economic class train available at Probolinggo station around 6.45 pm and finally arrive Banyuwangi at 11.30 pm. It is not really suggested to take this train due to the arrival time is late night, moreover if you will continue to do Kawah Ijen night trekk for the blue flame.
Attention : If you are planning to hike Kawah Ijen at the same night, we suggest to take either Mutiara Timur Siang or Sritanjung because they arrive earlier so you could still have enough time to recover your body.
Tips : Buy the ticket on the spot when you already at the train station if you do not really sure you can make it in time. If you book your stay in Kampung Osing Inn, please stop at Karangasem Train Station then we will pick you up for free of charge.
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