Kawah Ijen is the most acid volcano in the world, it become a must visited volcano in Java. Beautiful crater lake and it's natural blue flame make it special.


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Showing posts with label To and From Banyuwangi. Show all posts

Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to Get From Malang to Banyuwangi by Train

Malang - Probolinggo - Banyuwangi by Train
Malang became one of the base for reaching Mount Bromo, most of people do Bromo from Malang side as the city itself quite relaxing due to its atmosphere. To move out from Malang there are some options, on this post we will write about train that could be the easiest and cheapest option that travelers could be considered.

Train name "Tawang Alun" leaves daily from Malang Train Station to its final destination Banyuwangi. On the way travel it will stop over in Probolinggo, it is economic class train that will cost IDR 65.000 for all destination. The train depart from Malang at 05.55 pm, will be reaching Probolinggo at 6.45 pm, then finally reaching Banyuwangi at 11.30 pm.

:: Malang (05.55 pm) ==> Probolinggo (06.45 pm) ==> Banyuwangi (11.30 pm) ::
Malang Train Station - Location

Attention : If you want to stay at Kampung Osing Inn, please get off at Karangasem Train Station (One station earlier before Banyuwangi Baru Station). Contact us for arranging pick up from Karangasem.
Note : Schedule and price could be changed anytime without further information, please recheck availability, recent price and schedule at Click Here

Book A Room at Kampung Osing Inn - Promos and Discount Click Here :

Friday, December 4, 2015

Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Probolinggo-Banyuwangi By Train

Yogyakarta Surabaya Probolinggo Banyuwangi Train

By  Sritanjung Train -

This is the only direct train if you want to reach Banyuwangi from Yogyakarta directly without any changing train. There are some details that you need to know about this train if you plan to travel by Sritanjung train.

Departure from Lempuyangan Station - Book Train Here

Sritanjung train depart from Lempuyangan Station at 06.30 am, it is second station of Yogyakarta after Tugu Train Station. It is economic train that will cost you for IDR 100.000 per person, even economic class train you will get all facilities you need. Air conditioning wagon, restaurant, and security.

Schedule and Route

Sritanjung train available only once a day will take route from Yogyakarta-Surabaya-Probolinggo-Banyuwangi. If you plan to stay at Kampung Osing Inn, please stop at Karangasem Train Station in Banyuwangi as it is the closest station to reach our place. Meanwhile if you want to continue cross to Bali, you need to stop at last station of Banyuwangi Baru Train Station as it is located 100 meters only from Ketapang Ferry. 
Route : Yogyakarta (06.30 am)  - Surabaya (02.00 pm)  - Probolinggo (04.00 pm) - Banyuwangi (08.30 pm)

By Turangga Train - Yogyakarta To Surabaya | Book Train Here

It is a connection train that transit in Surabaya first, a first class train which depart from Tugu Train Station at 03.30 am then arrive in Surabaya at around 08.00 am, cost up to IDR 200.000 per person.
Continued by Mutiara Timur Siang - Surabaya To Banyuwangi departure from Surabaya Gubeng Station at 08.30 am while arrive in Banyuwangi at 3.30 pm. Cost varied from IDR 120.000 per person.
Note :
Price and time schedule could be changed anytime without any further notification, please recheck to their official website at




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Thursday, December 3, 2015

To and From Banyuwangi By Flight

Flight Schedule Surabaya to Banyuwangi

Flights in Banyuwangi only available to and from Surabaya and Denpasar only. It is also have limited departure that only once in a day. It was operated by two airline companies Garuda Indonesia Airline and Wings Air. Here are the flight exact schedule ,price and schedule could be change anytime without any further notification, please check again to their official webpage to get latest information.

Surabaya (11.45 WIB) --> Banyuwangi (12.50 WIB)
Banyuwangi (13.15 WIB) --> Surabaya (14.10 WIB) 

Surabaya (12.00 WIB) --> Banyuwangi (12.50 WIB)
Banyuwangi (13.15 WIB) --> Surabaya (14.00 WIB)
Denpasar  (12.45 WITA) --> Banyuwangi (13.00 WIB)
Banyuwangi (13.10 WIB) --> Denpasar (14.30 WITA) 

Do You Know ? : We have time difference between Bali and Java where Bali is one hour faster than Java. So please give more attention about the time zone. WITA is for Bali Time Zone and WIB is for Java Time Zone.

How to get Probolinggo (Mt. Bromo ) from Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi - Probolinggo by Train
There are two train stations that you could reach to catch your train, Banyuwangi Baru Train Station is the closest from Ketapang Ferry Port. Just 5 minutes walk to the right of the ferry exit. If you have already stay in the city centre, Karangasem Train Station will be the closest station for you to reach to buy your ticket. Here are trains that you could catch up to Probolinggo :

An economic train completed with air conditioner, one seat for one person, and wagon inside toilet. The ticket cost IDR 100.000/person, leave Banyuwangi at 6.15 am and approximately arrive Probolinggo at 11.30 am.

Mutiara Timur Siang
Available in 2 classes with different facilities and prices each categories. Business class cost IDR 85.000/person and IDR 120.000/person for executive with first class facilities. The rates change depend on the date, weekend will cost higher and public holiday cause the highest rate. The train available at 8.30 am from Banyuwangi, estimated take around 5 hours to reach Probolinggo train station. 


Economic train named Probowangi leave Banyuwangi at around 12.30 pm head to Probolinggo, it is not recommended to go by this train due to you will be over night when getting Probolinggo. Public transport to go Bromo area are quite difficult to find.

Book your train here :

Probolinggo Train Station - Cemara Lawang (Bromo area)

Probolinggo Tourism Office
Probolinggo Tourist Office
There will be agencies in the train station ready to be negotiate to get your accomodation easily, but it will really much costly. Simply take bemo letter D in front of the station to take you to Bayuangga Bus Terminal (IDR 5.000/person), change with mini bus or Bison (IDR 35.000/person) to Cemara Lawang area. Or simply visit government tourism information in front of Probolinggo Train Station to get the detail information, the staff was helpful and friendly.

Where to Stay in Bromo area

Setia Kawan Homestay IDR 150.000 per-night
Budget homestay located in Cemara Lawang area only 10 metres walk from the homestay you could enjoy the entire landscape of mount bromo. The homestay itself consist of 2 floors with 3 basic room and shared bathroom. I personally like the homestay due to its location, seems like you get the best view point with less money. Other similar homestay could be found around the area with competitive price.

Cemara Indah Hotel start from IDR 300.000 per-night

Midrange hotel just in front of Setia Kawan Homestay, the hotel guests could enjoy the scenery of Bromo in front of their room door. The hotel could set up jeep for sunrise tour with competitive price than offered on the street side. Breakfast will be served at their cafe area or you could find meals out of the hotel by cheap.
Cemara Indah Location : Cemara Lawang, Probolinggo. Telp. (0335) 541019 or visit 




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Monday, September 16, 2013

Probolinggo to Banyuwangi by Bus

Cemara Lawang (Bromo) - Probolinggo
Mount Bromo in Probolinggo
Mount Bromo
Take a local bus called Bison to head to Probolinggo for about IDR 35.000 per-person, the bus accomodate 25 passenggers sometime you need to wait long enough until the bus full of passengers or the bus will not take you. Arriving to Bayuangga Bus Terminal you need to change transportation  by bus head to Banyuwangi. The first thing you need to keep remember thet "There is no direct bus Probolinggo-Banyuwangi", even the driver said so and the bus sign it will be a direct bus.

Probolinggo - Jember
Tell the driver that you will go to Jember, even they will tell you that their bus will go directly to Banyuwangi. I had a bad experience that the driver just drop us at Jember Bus Terminal and decide not take us to Banyuwangi as we deal before. We need to wait for more than 1 hour to take next bus to Banyuwangi. We complaint to the officer but they could do nothing, feel sorry we lost our money due to we need to pay extra for the next bus. Probolinggo - Jember is about IDR 30.000 per-person and make sure you get your backpack with you, do not ever put your backpack in the bus bagage.

Jember - Banyuwangi
Bus heading to Banyuwangi cost around IDR 30.000 per-person, the route was really terrifying. Hilly road with curve dominated by big car, when we were in the bus 3 times car accidents occured, sometimes the bus will get engine problem. Totally will take 6-7 hours from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi, but we took 9-10 hours and finally we arrive very late in Banyuwangi due to the engine problem of our bus.

Note :
The bus will stop at the bus station in Banyuwangi city centre namely Brawijaya Bus Station, it will not go to Ketapang ferry. You could take bemo or ojek to find accomodation to stay along the night.

Probolinggo to Banyuwangi by Train

Mount Bromo Cemara Lawang

On our previous post about How to Get to Bromo From Probolinggo, today our post is how to get  to Banyuwangi By Train Travel from Probolinggo. If you did Bromo before, what you need to do is getting to Probolinggo firstly. Getting to Probolinggo from Bromo just do the below instruction that practically follow the instruction on How to Get to Bromo From Probolinggo but in reverse. Here we summarize the instructions for you.

Cemara Lawang (Bromo) - Probolinggo

Take a local bus called Bison to head to Probolinggo for about IDR 35.000 per-person, the bus accomodate 25 passenggers sometime you need to wait long enough until the bus full of passengers or the bus will not take you. Arriving to Bayuangga Bus Terminal you need to change transportation  by local bemo with letter D in front of it (IDR 4.000 per-person) to take you to Probolinggo train station. If you prefer to go Banyuwangi by bus you could negotiate with bunch of bus driver available at the bus terminal. Check here for further information Probolinggo to Banyuwangi by bus

Train Name
Price (IDR)
Mutiara Timur Siang
11.00 am03.15 pm120.000
04.00 pm09.00 pm100.000
06.45 pm11.30 pm  65.000
Mutiara Timur Siang

Mutiara Timur Siang - IDR 120.000 per-person | BOOK NOW

A business class train take route from Surabaya-Probolinggo-Banyuwangi, this train will arrive at Probolinggo train station at around 11.00 am. You could buy the ticket in advance or buy it directly at the station if you are not sure about your departure time. The train will arrive Banyuwangi Baru Train Station at 03.15 pm, where the ferry port is only 5 minutes walk from it. Bus heading to Denpasar sometime available in front of the station, for you who want to go Denpasar i personally suggest to take this bus. Bus ticket IDR 75.000 per-person including the ferry ticket and equipped by Air Conditioner. For you who do not want to stop over in Banyuwangi, you could also book this train head to Denpasar. As we only have train trail in Java, the company will provide you executive class bus. The fee you paid for the train will include the bus fee, it really recommended for traveler who want to directly cross to Bali as it will be less hassle and scam. 

Sritanjung - IDR 100.000 per-person  | BOOK NOW

An economic air conditioning train available at Probolinggo train station around 4.30 pm and will be arrive Banyuwangi at 9.00 pm. It is better for you to stop at Karangasem train station due to it is closer to the city center. Hire a bemo or ojek to drive you to nearest accomodation rather than get directly to the ferry.

Tawangalun - IDR 65.000 per-person | BOOK NOW

Another economic class train available at Probolinggo station around 6.45 pm and finally arrive Banyuwangi at 11.30 pm. It is not really suggested to take this train due to the arrival time is late night, moreover if you will continue to do Kawah Ijen night trekk for the blue flame.
Attention : If you are planning to hike Kawah Ijen at the same night, we suggest to take either Mutiara Timur Siang or Sritanjung because they arrive earlier so you could still have enough time to recover your body.
Tips : Buy the ticket on the spot when you already at the train station if you do not really sure you can make it in time. If you book your stay in Kampung Osing Inn, please stop at Karangasem Train Station then we will pick you up for free of charge.




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